Con x fused x crosses

So trying to figure out the difference between a cross strain Vs. a new strain.
So a momma and poppa plant make baby x…sometimes you see a strain crossed with another strain. Isn’t that just a momma and poppa making a new strain? Sorry for question I shoulda learned years ago, never thought about breeding. Still not really, just want to be a smarter shopper.

Yes. I see it as why we have so many hybrid strains these days. It’s difficult to find landrace strains, and when you do it probably isn’t the same as they were back in the 70’s.

Durban poison is the only landrace strain that I have grown. All the others have been hybrids.

@imSICKkid is a grower here on the forum who is active in breeding new hybrid strains and knows more about it than anyone else I know.

Here’s an article on the genealogy of the various strains available today.


Thank ya @MidwestGuy , gives me some coffee reading b4 I go start feeding.


A cross strain and a “new” strain are both new. Either your making something completely new that hasnt been done or your making your own version of something that already exists. Either way they are both new. Basically like ilgm does. Ilgm makes their own versions of strains that are already out on the market. For instance, ilgm white widow is not the original white widow from back in the day.