Computer fans, light ballast


A question from a fellow grower:

Hello, so I recently ordered your free grow book. I’m not exactly new to this. I grew up in so cal working with a friend. Anywho, I’m looking to build a grow box but I’m trying to stay at a certain price range. I got the box. I just need all the inners. I was thinkin computer fans for the intake and exhaust. But I see those big turbo looking fans with the duct in a lot of boxes…? Is that necessary or are the computer fans a viable idea? And can I just use a simple light ballast from lowes for the sodium bulb? Or is the duct fan and bulb combo a must? Got a few more questions but , baby steps!! Lol thank u.


On my computer, I have 3 exhaust fans, 1 fan on my processor, and 2 fans on my video card. I know the computer runs hotter than a grow tent, but, it is a much smaller box.
I’m not sure how many fans you would need to cool and replace the air in your tent. You’d need a cfm type measurement for the fans, and the size of your future tent, how hot the room the tent is in, the type of light…


Question, are you using the computer itself for venting? I myself have just started to grow again. I am setting up too grow tents( I made out of PVC pipe and panda tarp) and plan on using PC ATX power supply for both venting and lights (3 watt Led lights: red 660nm 620nm-630nm and blue 645nm)

Suggestion on the computer if you are not using the computer and know a little about the power supply and the wiring, Take the PS out off the PC and connect your fan to it. Will keep temp’s lower. You could also wire some 12 volt 3 watt Led 's for lighting.

That is how I am setting up my grow tents. Hope to post more on how it works out.