Composting with horse manure

I am excited to make my own compost but I have never done it before and I don’t want to burn my plants. I was just going to mix the horse manure with grass roots and stir it once a week for a year or so. I really don’t know what I am doing and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

I don’t know about compost for plants, I tried it and didn’t work.

In regarding to composting though I have done loads for veggies and garden. You need a ratio of 50/50 of green and brown. Also it is best to layer it to build up the pile. Make sure you keep it damp and rotate the pile every couple of days to give it oxygen.
Buy a thermometer as you need to get it up to a high temp otherwise it won’t work.
There are loads of stuff on the net.

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Add wood ash (pot ash), its a good source of potassium and sulfur (K2SO4-potassium sulfate) it’s readily available nutrients for the plant, helps balance the poo.

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Thank you! I’ll wet it down and keep it nice and hot. Does it need to be covered by a tarp or anything? Also, how long does it take to break down usually?

@diz how do I get it hot enough? How hot does it need to be?

@Shatter how long will it take to break the charcoal down into the green/brown mix? Do you know How to make it hot enough to do its thing?

Water, turning it (oxygen) and fresh grass clippings they key. Ground coffee is good if you can source from local cafe

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I’m not sure about charcoal, it still has hydro/carbon bonds in its molecular structure, whereas pot ash is readily available and water soluble.

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Thanks fellas I appreciate y’all