Compost teas and how much

How much do you guys water for a compost tea? Do you guys use it as a regular watering / feed and water until runoff?

420 scene has some good videos on compost tea.

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I’m actually in his discord just chillin in it rn haha, I got the recipe I’m running from Mr. Canucks though.

Does he say how often he uses?

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Haven’t asked but I know it’s recommended every 2 weeks or if you really want every week. But in that QnA he does say how much and when. But I’m wondering how much to actually give not when, I’m brewing a 5 gal and I usually water about a gal or so

Id imagine you drench the pot with it same as any other feeding or watering.

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I’ve seen some people do like 2 cups or so per pot so I was like?? But last time I fully watered the pot and saturated it so :man_shrugging:t2: They seemed to like it though