Compost Tea Questions


I have read up a bit on compost tea and it’s benefits. Is there premade tea I can buy in smaller quantities? I am only growing 2 plants and don’t really want to make 5 gallons at a time…

Any suggestions are welcomed…I did a quick search and saw products you can buy to make your own, so again any input is welcomed.


@Hogmaster didn’t you have a mix you used ?


Ez instant microbial tea works good. Or make 1 gal at a time. It really is worth the time to have on hand. If u made 5gals u can store the extra in a cool dark place in air tight container, when u wanna use it dump out a gal at a time, add a spoon full of molasses and then put a simple fish tank bubbler in it for 24hrs before u use it and itll wake right up. 5 gals with 2 plants wont last as long as u think.
My girls always lool so healthy and happy the next day after a good comp. Tea soaking.
. you can buy best nutes in world if ur plant cant use them they are worthless. A good tea doesnt only feed your plants but the spil as well creating the right environment for the roots to use the nutrition



Is the EZ Instant Microbial Tea something I can purchase?

What ingredients do you use in your tea?



Or what about something like this


I put finished compost,wormcastings,bat guana, insectfrass, humic acid, greatwhite, molasses(feeds the microbs and helps activate it)… Then put a bubbler in it for 24hrs and ph to 6.0-6.2 it will foam up good when it starts to “cook”



Would something like the above Amazon link work for Cannibis plants? It is winter here and I have nothing really around as compost…


Looks to be ok but ive never tried it. The Ezbloom tea they sell on amazon.


A bottle of photoplus by microbial life might work just as good for u. And it would last a pretty long time with 2 plants. I grow about 15 at a time and have done 2 grows and havent even used a quarter of the bottle



Unfortunately I cannot find any of the ones you mentioned on Amazon :frowning:



This might work just as good for u. And last a long time. Only use like 5ml for a gal.



Sweet thanks!

Since you make your own tea, is it better than this pre-made tea?


Yes. I personally would choose a bottle of photoplus over one of those. Its one of those things u see a difference after first use.
And like i mentioned it lasts a long time if u only have a few plants, since i think u use 5ml per gal.
Pre warning! It smells really bad!!! But once diluted and poured in u dont smell it at all.



I’ll grab a bottle. It’s fairly cheap.

Do you feed feed tea feed feed water?


I personally do water feed feed water, but if ur using nutes u can mix it with them or u can add it once a week with just plain phd water



When you say feed, is that nutes and tea?


If i give tea i do it in place of a nute feeding. I use the photo plus mixed plain or with nutes how ever it falls. And when i use the tea i drench the soil pretty good.


@Familyman420 : I’m a rookie and have great things about using teas and other organic techniques. Probably a stupid question but what’s the purpose of the bubbler?.. Does it help make the tea go better into solution? Do you have to use a bubbler? Everything I’ve read on this seems to prescribe using bubbler but I don’t understand the process.

Thanks for your help


@Nepa The bubbler does a few things. But it mainly airates the tea, adding oxygen to the water. Lets ask some of the pro’s…
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