Compost Tea for flowering

Hi. Everybody! Looking for a super compost tea for flowering. Shout out to @garrigan62 Can you ho me out buddy. Up here in Boston, only 5 weeks left. Trying g to get my buds big and tight. Been using XTREME Gardening Tea brew

Hoping I can get a brew to make my buds POP. Anybody else, please join the conversation. @PurpNGold74 @Hogmaster @AAA @raustin Thank you all!

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Im always messing around with Tea recipes, so I don’t have just one to suggest, sorry.

@Budbrother is a good resource.


Hi @Budbrother looking for a good tea recipe for flowering. @AAA tagged you. Can you help me?

thanks man @AAA Just gave Budbrother a shout. Dropped your name. Hope thats ok.

I don’t have one specifically for you. I make and mix teas as needed to treat a deficiency. Mostly I top dress and use enzymes. I do foliar sprays with probiotics and various ferments that I make.

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@stretchgfw.1957 During flower this year we used a mixture of BudSwell, molasses, bio-live and cal-mag. let is brew for a minimum of 48 hrs. We have found that if we use the tea within 30mins of brewing we notice better results. Make sure to adjust the ratios that work for your plants. I will be using the same recipe for flower from here on out.
Happy growing…