Compost tea ... first time using

First time grower here , growing Blue Dream outdoors in 7 gal phat sacks using Great Lakes water only super soil . The local hydroponic store gives away 5 gallons of compost tea to everyone every Tuesday . I’ve never used this before , is there anything I should know about before using it ? Any Downside ? And how much should I use , should I dilute it with water or give full strength ?

Thanks in advance

Hi there. I am not a soil expert. Do u get The actual tea in liquid?compost tea normally have a time window of 4 hours before The beneficial bakteria goes bad. So IF its already brewed u can better do ur own at home. And I give my 8 pots only 1/8 of a hallon each in one time. U dont have to dilute it.

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Thank you . Yeah it’s liquid compost tea made my the hydroponic store . I hadn’t heard anything back yet so I just went ahead and dumped in about 1/2 gal each plant lol . So far so good . Thanks for the response