Compost soil good or bad idea?

Im doing a indoor grow and wanted to k ow if anyone else has ever used there compost soil as there grow medium.

I don’t use it, but would want to be sure I’m not bringing pest indoors with it. (Depending on source of compost).

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@Reticence what kind of pest could it possibly bring in? I ask because this is my first grow ever.

fungus gnats are pretty common. Bagged compost can be left in the sun to cook the critters then it is safe. Don’t want to suggest too awful much since this isn’t my strong point. I do hydroponics and soiless Pro-Mix exclusively.

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@garrigan62 is the zen master of organic soils. If you search you can find recopies if you want to go that route.

@garrigan62 is there any way I could ask you to share some or all of your knowledge on organic soil?


@Reticence thank you for being honest and a huge thanks for spreading the love and tagging someone you know who can help me even more.

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It’s my first time as well and I wanted to do the same thing! Would love to know some recipes for all the stages of growth. I’m using an organic potting soil mixed with a seedling soil composed of coconut coir, vermiculite, and I forget the third ingredient. I mixed them in a large pot for my seedlings so that I wouldn’t have to transplant

@Stickyickyick what seedlings did you decide to go with?

@Colton92 my friend gave me about 25-30 seeds. He’s always got great bud. So I’m not entirely sure but I know it’s something decent. I have a tent and a Wills CREE COB LED light otw. I’ll have to look into air circulation and possibly CO2 systems

You will likely find you don’t need CO2 unless you have a high light level which is usually not the case for non-commercial growers.


@Stickyickyick I am honestly doing the same with a buddy who gave me a hand full of seeds also and some seeds from of the bud I have purchased that came with a few seeds in it. I have a 36×20×72 vivosun grow tent with a 600 watt led light, 4in vivosun fan and carbon filter. Myko to add to my compost and advanced nutrients 3 part perfect ph I’m trying to decide if I want to get water or use my ro/di unit or not.

@Stickyickyick if you are gonna do Co2 I would do it the cheap way with sugar water and yeast.

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@Colton92 yea I’ll probably skip the CO2 in that case. My seedlings are doing pretty well at the moment. The light I have now is not nearly enough however. I’m hoping the new light I ordered gives them a nice kick start. I’m intrigued to find out how good this bud ends up being and to see if I can grow this shit properly. The nutrient feeding schedule is the next challenge. I haven’t measured ph at all. I use bottled spring water and the soil I use is supposed to keep it “balanced” so from what I understand it shouldn’t be a problem until I start feeding nutes


I make my own compost using all organic fixings. Have 4 pallets with cardboard on inside making a square.You could do smaller as well, I layer dead leaves, green grass and other things green another layer, kitchen scraps that have rotted and smell terrible, them chicken manure, regular top soil, My own pee, yes that is good for compost. Then start over might go cow manure now and then. And also failed to mention water after every layer, after full and about a year or little longer it is all broken down and pure compost. My garden loves it and am trying it out on my first grow. So far my compost is making bigger plants than those in compost from the store, and I do not use nutrients. Nothing better than the smell of homemade compost.


@Colton92 ,

You sure can. Just ask and I’ll tell you what I can.


Okay. So I compost everything I can compost I sparingly use my chickens poop in the compost and feathers would you see the chicken poop as a possible problem? What are some of the does and don’t you do for your organic soil recipe. Do you use vermiculite in your soil? Do you think adding mykos is a good idea or a waste? By the way @garrigan62 thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge and helping me out more then you know.

@LAnewgrower I totally agree nothing smells better then the hard work you put into the worlds best compost you can make? I do something similar for my compost bin.

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@Colton92, I never ever put meat in my pile, fish somehow is ok, but no meat. Chicken poo is great stuff, you just put a small layer on as you go. Plenty of space between layers. I do add perlite in my grow bags for water drainage.

@Colton92 And forgot, I pack each other layer down tight and water heavy. In the winter you can see steam coming off it, lol.