Compost question


A question from a fellow grower:

am currently making my own compost to get the best out of my plants. From last year I used kelp to help my Nitrogen to shoot my plants as tall as they can be, which worked tremendously. The problem I had was producing the big buds and the quality of them. From what I read I’m probably lacking P and K. What would you suggest I add to my compost that’s purely natural as far as P and K( I’m going 100% organic soil) that would produce the biggest n best buds?

I know that banana peels,orange slices n wood ash are a good source of P n K but what about making your compost with Calcium Carbonate?


Yeah, banana peels for potassium (k) and maybe some bone meal for phosphirus (p.) Otherwise horse manure is great for phosphorus as well, and egg shellz are loaded with calcium. Good luck


Make sure you do not add manure to your grow until it has been composted and cools down.

Do you consider Calcium Carbonate “organic”?

I would get some sulfate of potash. 0-0-51 It is dug out of the Earth. I use it in my Greenhouse solution. Greenhouse Ops, are being certified “Organic” while using this. Cost of 50lb. bag is about 20-30 bucks depending on where you buy it. I get mine from a regional agriculture supply.


Yes I have access to calcium carbonate naturally from the ocean (commercial fisherman for a living) n I’m looking to fill the buds in as much and as heavy as they can be which I’m hoping the calcium n magnesium will help that? A lot of articles say potash but potassium is only a fraction of what u need for your buds from what I have learned. Just trying to gain as much knowledge as possible before I go all in (1st time making compost,2nd growing)


Hey @latewood, do you have experience with monopotassium phophate? I just ordered some for my flower cycle and was wondering if you had a good ratio for a mixture or anything to say on the topic.


I use M-K-P in my custom solutions. Yes; I am very familiar. In fact I sell 1 lb packages in my community.


Strong Potassium levels are essential in order to have big sweet sticky buds. Of course CalMag is essential, but not in order to make big ass buds. More important in Vegetative cycle. But, you tell me how to do it; I am always willing to learn


Do you put your monopotassium phosphate in a watering soultion, or apply directly to soil?


You always dissolve it in water.


I cant find much info on how much to use. I am thinking I will do 1 tsp. per gallon of water?


I use 1/2 tsp in 30 gallons, when mixing my greenhouse solution.