Completely new to the grow

Can someone please tell me what size grow tent wold I need to grow 4 girlscout cookie autoflower plants and would I need all the fancy gadgets and gear to go with it . Been searching different places and videos trying to get all my ducks in a row before I start thus new adventure of growing my own and I’m completely oblivious , from grow tent size to nutes for the plants and I have heard and read just bout everything I can find but no definitive answers… Only thing I know how ta do is roll it an smoke it…

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Someone just asked the same thing so I recommend reading this New growers question post or if you want my Green sneks guide to growing autos organically easily in coco guide and or My current grow for the updated feed schedule

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@GreenSnek has some good links posted there for you. I give a good amount of advice in the first link he posted, so I won’t fill this topic up other than to say that you will get people telling you different things from time to time for different topics of conversation. Everyone is different. However there are some things that are universal, like checking pH for instance…

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4x4 tent, complete kit, lights, fan, tent, and etc.
my 4x4 has 5 flowering with 400 watt led, Dimmable remote light. See threads. My expenses were $328.00 from Amazon. I can’t grow outside anymore because I am disabled so I grow inside. I miss growing outside because I used to grow well 11’ 3” trees! blue cookies, wedding cake, and GG4 last year. Fat budz now my tent flowering started at 5’ at 10 weeks. Blackjack, Super lemon Mac, Sour Tangie


The biggest expense when buying a grow set up is the light or should be so figure out a budget and make your set up around that IMO

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Old skool. How much, did your electric bill go up.
Summers are to humid

From 100.00 to 185 so far

Light should be the biggest and most important purchase. HLG seems to be the way to go if you don’t want to replace parts or have to continually upgrade. The motto is buy nice or pay twice and you need to keep that in mind when it comes to this “gear” such as ph pens, tds/ppm reader, lights, and ventilation. Im sure there is more im missing but you can find my perpetual grow post and I have all my items in there but I lean towards the more expensive things. I cheaper out on my tent due to height restrictions and 72 inches being the best height to make do in my 76 inch clearance

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Yeah ty BigCat420, I wish I could’ve spoke to you before hand reason why I say that is because I bought three lights prior to buy for light that’s in my tent now. But I still use one for vegging which is perfect

Yeah I hear ya Man! This 1 cost almost 400.00 but it’s 400 watts output.

Yeah I know the feels. I’ve take a lot of advice that wasn’t the best and made the jump on the gun for stuff I didn’t need so I try to pass my experience along to others to save them the hassle. My first light was a VIPARSPECTRA tc1350 and im not the biggest fan of the blurple but it does what it needs to for my veg tent so I can’t complain and see no point in upgrading for veg. Eventually I’ll upgrade my marshydro 3000’s in my flower tent for some HLG’s but they are pretty expensive so ill have to wait a bit on that but its always better to check arpund and do extensive research before buying. I wish I found this place sooner there is a bunch of great and helpful people and unlike my buddies that make me feel stupid these people are like hey man don’t sweat it everyone wants to see everyone do better around here

BigCat420 The MARS HYDRO 3000W LED Grow Light for Indoor are the specs good, If I remember right I compared it to the one I got the 4000 in the P PMs are way higher