Complete tent set ups


first time ever growing
Whats a great complete tent setup to buy ,I want to start with 6-8 plants, hydro, I saw someone growing wit the 10gallon tupperware containers, is that a good way, if so how many plants should I put in each container


To give you an idea this is what my Hydro setup consists of. I only run 2 plants at a time for scrogging in my tent though. I use another tent and light, the exact same sizes, for growing in coco coir as well.
4ftx4ftx7ft grow tent.
600w vivosun HID lighting with digital dimmable ballast and air cooled hood.
6" 440 cfm extractor fan with variable speed control and carbon scrubber, venting out through a roof vent.
6" 240 cfm intake fan with variable speed controller, pulling from the front room for co2.
2 DWC bubbler setups, 5 gal each with independent airpumps/airstones.
Using rock wool and clay pellets as the medium.
Also a water chiller to keep res temps acceptable.
My first Hydro run I didn’t even consider the res temp and so was fighting root rot, even with a massive amount of air being pushed through the system.


Do I have any pics if ur setup, also ir whats roughly the amount I will spend on setup, and what strain are u griwing , also do u have any journals, I wanna learn. I want to maximize my yields, with miniistakes , Im thinkn I found my teacher lol, but I really want someone I can follow, ,thats been down the path and paved the way fir a new comer who is passionate as me


Here is some pics of how I have mine setup.

I wouldn’t be the best teacher at all. Still learning it myself :slightly_smiling:. The cost for everything was around $650 roughly but I also buy everything new off Amazon. I am sure you could find cheaper shopping around but I believe if you want a quality crop you need to be willing to buy quality setup and seeds. I started with Goldleaf in the Hydro and am also growing 1 Goldleaf and 1 Bubbas Gift in coco coir right now.


With that I am also not sure if the Goldleaf was the best choice for my first indoor grow. I have heard that White Widow and Northern Lights are good starting strains as they can be a little more forgiving.


What size tent is that, and light


4ftx4ftx7ft grow tent and a 600w HID light.


How many plants can fit wit that light, comfortable, in that tent, I might try that gold leaf, and some diesel


I might run wit the same set up, have u ever been on (site)


Depends how you want to grow them really. I only run 2 plants at a time per tent but I am scrogging them on a 3ftx3ft screen.


That was actually the first site I found with a lot of good info for my initial setup before I found ILGM for my seeds :slightly_smiling: I based my setup on their grow journal at (site) lol


That wonder women and bkack jack grow is amazing , that they did that, thats what made me wanna do hydro


With those 10 gallon tupperware containers I might run wit that


Is scrogging complicated, I heard u maximize yields with it


Not complicated. You just need to be gentle and patient with it.