Complete newbie

Hi all,
I am a complete newbie to all this.
I have a seed germination gizmo and I planted a couple of seeds to see if it worked.
I bought a grow tent 2x3x6 & a little flexible grow light (purely experimental at the time)
I now have a couple of seedlings, 1 looks a bit skinny and tall…
I am guessing from other posts that I need better lights.
I am looking to grow some plants for medication purposes and need as much help as possible lol
I will try to upload some pictures shortly


Welcome to ILGM forum, post some pictures and ask some questions. Plenty of people here that can help. :+1:


This is my very basic set up…
Do they look ok? Or am I right in thinking I REALLY need to upgrade the lights asap?
Should I move them into the grow tent now? Or ok for a while?


Yes you definitely need to another light asap. Do you see how your stems are stretched out, even with the light as close as it is they are begging for more light.


Yes After reading some of the other posts, I thought as much.
Thank you for confirming.
I will have a read of some of the other posts for light idea’s.
I see some people have made their own, which I will have a gander at.
I will see if I can get something better for the meantime though.
I was thinking that 2 plants should be enough for what I need but, I guess I need to stagger some so, I always have a supply.
How often should seeds be planted to keep a regular supply do you think?
I know it depends on how much you smoke/use I was just wondering what other people do?


I’ll tag a couple of people who can make some suggestions based on what you are wanting to accomplish. @dbrn32 @MidwestGuy


Hard to say, depends on whether you can maximize your grow space. Lights is the main factor in being able to really produce dense, heavy buds. They can make the difference in pulling 1-2 zips per plant or several zips per plant. There’s other important factors but lights are important.


Welcome to the forum!

Like Bulldognuts said, you’ll most likely get out of your light what you put into it. 2 plants seems good for your tent, but you want to purchase a light based on square footage of your space. Not sure at this point where you’re located to suggest best place to check, but horticulture lighting group is extremely popular.


I have got a bigger light for now and they have stopped growing taller.
Starting to look a little healthier too.

Hopefully I caught them in time