Complete newbie help? Mixed lights?


Second post. I am the kind of new you guys probably cringe at. Haven’t smoked in years, preferred edibles and even those… it’s been a while. I am trying to grow my own now that it’s legal to do so where I live.

Since I am just dipping a toe in, I can’t justify dropping BANK on lights. I have 3 of those round clip lamps. 2 small Green Crack fem, photo plants. Soil: organic NOT Miracle grow potting soil. I have the fox Farms line up, RH about 60%, my tap water pH runs about 6…

How can I get away with these for lights? Can I mix mediums so to speak and use cfl and led?

**Note hubbs is skeptical, if I can get a decent yield, I might be able to talk him into n

icer lights next time…

The girls are recently transplanted, the discoloration happened before the transplant.


A couple questions. How big is your grow space? What are the specs on the lights you’re using? I’d think the clip on lights would hold you over for a little while but I doubt they will give you the intensity to carry them through flower. As a rule of thumb, you’re looking for 50 watts per square foot to produce a decent yield. Too many times we’ve seen people put in months of work only to come up short because of inadequate lighting.

You can mix cfls and leds .


Yup. Just went thru this problem. Used 3-6 philips 9w leds and cfls. On them alone i may not have had a harvest period but combined with a bit of sunlight and alot of loving… think i yield’d 20 grams max. Not really worth the investment that way. BUUUT. there is my man Jefe… @elheffe702 check out his journal. He has done amazing work with them.


N welcome to ILGM. Amazing place full of awesome people


Yep, I’m flowering a Head Cheese under two 4000k 23w LEDs and one 2700k 23w CFL. I just rotate the plant about 1/4 to 1/3 turn daily to keep her from stretching unevenly :crazy_face:


Would this be useable with my clip lights? 2?


or these?


I’m not sure. You’d have to check the clearance in your fixture.




I’d recommend a 3000k, if possible. That 5500k will only work for vegging. You’ll need a light with more red spectrum for bloom.


Those are much bigger than what I use. I don’t know if they would fit in the fixture you’re using. I would double check before buying them, that’s all.