Complete newbie help? Mixed lights?


Second post. I am the kind of new you guys probably cringe at. Haven’t smoked in years, preferred edibles and even those… it’s been a while. I am trying to grow my own now that it’s legal to do so where I live.

Since I am just dipping a toe in, I can’t justify dropping BANK on lights. I have 3 of those round clip lamps. 2 small Green Crack fem, photo plants. Soil: organic NOT Miracle grow potting soil. I have the fox Farms line up, RH about 60%, my tap water pH runs about 6…

How can I get away with these for lights? Can I mix mediums so to speak and use cfl and led?

**Note hubbs is skeptical, if I can get a decent yield, I might be able to talk him into n

icer lights next time…

The girls are recently transplanted, the discoloration happened before the transplant.


A couple questions. How big is your grow space? What are the specs on the lights you’re using? I’d think the clip on lights would hold you over for a little while but I doubt they will give you the intensity to carry them through flower. As a rule of thumb, you’re looking for 50 watts per square foot to produce a decent yield. Too many times we’ve seen people put in months of work only to come up short because of inadequate lighting.

You can mix cfls and leds .


Yup. Just went thru this problem. Used 3-6 philips 9w leds and cfls. On them alone i may not have had a harvest period but combined with a bit of sunlight and alot of loving… think i yield’d 20 grams max. Not really worth the investment that way. BUUUT. there is my man Jefe… @elheffe702 check out his journal. He has done amazing work with them.


N welcome to ILGM. Amazing place full of awesome people


Yep, I’m flowering a Head Cheese under two 4000k 23w LEDs and one 2700k 23w CFL. I just rotate the plant about 1/4 to 1/3 turn daily to keep her from stretching unevenly :crazy_face:


Would this be useable with my clip lights? 2?


or these?


I’m not sure. You’d have to check the clearance in your fixture.




I’d recommend a 3000k, if possible. That 5500k will only work for vegging. You’ll need a light with more red spectrum for bloom.


Those are much bigger than what I use. I don’t know if they would fit in the fixture you’re using. I would double check before buying them, that’s all.


Either of these any good for flowering? If I had a couple?


@elheffe702 what about these?


Sorry, I was away from the forum for a while. Did you get it set up?


@elheffe702 welcome back :grin: I ended up using 8 23w CFLs. “It’s not enough” I’m sure, but it’s what I have to work with for this grow. They are on day 2 of switching to 12/12. This is my first grow and there has been a lot of improvising. To me… they are beautiful.


Haha u got the man on the job now son :joy:


The man? Welllll, I’m A man, anyway lol

Those will do the job, for sure. They might not get really dense and heavy, but the scrog will help with that. Wait until they are full on flowering, and then prune anything you think the light isn’t getting to, and anything that won’t make it to the canopy level by the time the stretch has finished (you’ll get a feel for this with more scrog grows under your belt). It will definitely get you some smokeable bud. They look great to me. Keep up the good work, and be patient. You can’t rush good cannabis. :v:

P.S. Also, if you can get literally anything reflective and put it above the lights, you’ll increase the light hitting your canopy a little bit.


I too grow using studio CFLs LEDs and full spectrum. I was continually looking for ways to consolidate more light with the hardware store double light sockets it got frustrating to me and found these. I realize this isn’t the place but noticed some doubl sockets in your pic thought you might be interested. image|666x500