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Solo cup grow? Lol


This is about a friendly grow contest between myself @cyberblast and @Alton66. Our seedlings are about the same age and about the same size. Basically we are going to have a race to see whose plants grow up first and are the largest, in size and weight. Something to add some fun to the forum. You can watch this contest or maybe start your own. Judging will be by other members of the site. Good luck to both of us. It was suggested that others might want to get involved in this little race, which I have no objection to, but only problem is if you have a seedling of the approx same age. A weeks difference might be okay. And limiting this competition to a maximum of 6 seedlings is good too. As to limiting the lights so big bucks dont take oover.

Here are my 4 girls. They are a little over a week old as seedlings. And are growing good. Getting ready to pot them in a 5 gallon cloth pot. They are currently in 2 each in 2 natural fiber pots. They are unknown seeds. They were/are bag seeds. Which is why they ended up 2 each in 2 pots. Didnt know if they would make it, but they did, very well, and their roots are entangled.
Added a root stimulate and now their roots from all 4 are coming out the bottom of their pots.
Here they are.


However many you want. I have 4 plants, some or all could be male since they were regular seeds. Being bag seeds they could be any kind of MJ.


While I think it’s a pretty cool idea, it would be more fun if you added limiting factors. Like I suggested, limiting to a solo cup or maybe just a certain amount of cfl’s. That way the winner isn’t necessarily he or she with the biggest budget.

Maybe if everyone had more time to prepare quite a few could get in and everyone could start at same time.


You only get to attempt 6 bagseeds each contest to produce a male :wink:


That is a good idea @dbrn32. This race between myself and @Alton66 is just with 4 plants on my side and I think 4 or maybe 6 on his side. On others joining in, they can start their own race under this topic. And yea, limiting it to a single cup or a couple of cups would be the best. So that those with the most bucks cant take over. But since us two have the plants all ready, delaying it would cause our plants to maybe be too big when another race starts. Ideas?


My last seed is growing as we speak, so I’ll be keeping an eye out :wink:


You’ll also have plants finishing at different times, and longer is not necessarily bad no? Maybe an attempt to recreate those nerf-football size buds growing out of a cup? Must have grow pics to show you didn’t just chop off a “Big Bud” and stick it in a cup.


finishing times are going to be different I am sure depending on type of weed. So maybe just picking the winner by the biggest, and best bud. But they have that type of contest each month. This has gotta be different, somehow. Going to sleep on it for now. Maybe @Alton66 can come up with some ideas. And for some reason I cant find my topic. Weird.


On the bud of the month contest thread, I was just asking about a “bag-seed” BOM. Maybe a similar contest with monthly entries.


I honestly don’t want to put in all the effort it would require to not kill it in a cup, for the highly diminished return I’ll get for my effort.


Those were just suggestions. But there wouldn’t be anything like testing a growers skill than limiting to a solo cup. But you could essentially set the guidelines at anything, as long as it’s reasonable.


That sounds like lots of fun for someone that has a big grow, to challenge themselves.


I think the bom contest is a way to promote their seeds. Not that there would be anything wrong with a bag seed contest, but I wouldn’t expect prizes.

To be honest, I’m not even sure how long it’s been since I’ve found a seed in a bag lol. Getting kinda spoiled!


@cyberblast And @dbrn32 And @Whodat66

Garrigan here…I have been working on a project very simular to what you have going here.
Only my version will be open to all members and very few rules
More to follow at a later date



I got a dozen or so from my “dude”, only one popped. I haven’t found a mature seed in ages.


Very cool!

I would be limited to a small grow, if any. So I’m not sure I would be involved or not. But I would definitely at least follow, sounds like fun!



Something on this line


   Read Closely

                                                          ILGM 2018 CANNABIS CUP

1.) All participants must use an individual Party Cup (AKA Beer Cup) max volume is 16 oz

2.) All participants will use a clone, seed, or seedling of any Cannabis variety,
male or female. Please specify strain/hybrid/breeder lineage in as much detail
as possible (or even if it’s a bag seed; tell what kind of herb was it in the
bag the seed came from).

3.) Participants can enter up to 5 plants (one plant per cup), and will choose the
best one to be judged.

4.) Seedlings may be germinated or not at the time of entry; Clones maybe rooted
or not at time of entry as well.

5.) All roots must remain inside the cup for the duration of the challenge and may
require trimming. Any type of feeding is allowed, but if roots grow out the
bottom of the container they must be trimmed immediately and not be outside
the container.

6.) Harvest must be no more than 16 weeks from to be held ay a later date/.
You can enter and finish ANY time between now and and the end of the
challenge but MUST be harvested with finished product pictures and smoke
report by to be anounced at a later date.
7.) Keep the photos and updates regular, one per week at least. Missing 3 or
more weeks without any update disqualifies a contestant, so keep up steady
updates for maximum participation and to be considered in the winners poll.

8.) Winner will be decided by a poll posted after the challenge is completed.

9.) It is expected of all participants to keep a good attitude in the spirit of
community and sharing of knowledge and experiences. Let’s all have FUN.

10.) Completed Grows will be judged by the ILGM community in a poll upon completion
of the contest. Finished grows will be judged on:

1.) Quality of the information given.

2.) Frequency and presentation of updates

3.) Quality of photographs and / or videos

4.) Explanation & details

5.) Design of the grow (concept)
Smoke report

6.) Answers to questions about the grow
Quality & Quantity of the harvest


Seems plenty fair and very thorough to me @garrigan65