Comparing Viparspectra and Meizhi 600 watt LED


I’ve read that Viparspectra are good for veg, and Meizhi is better for flowering. I got both to see the difference and fully agree.

Both lights have both bloom and veg switches turned on to compare the lighting.

The middle light is the Viparspectra, and it definitely has more blue tones.

The Meizhi has warmer lights.

Both are 600 watt reflector series

I have an inexpensive 300 watt LED which seems to be mostly red. So I’ll probably swap out the middle one when it’s time to flower.

Sour Diesel and unknown surprise mainline

Have you yet flowered with the Viparspectra or just veg?


Just vegged so far. But comparing the two, Meizhi has a lot more red tones and would be better for flower. I plan to add a cheap red LED in addition to these for better flowering. Both are solid lights, but good things know each brand’s strengths



I’ll be interested to see how your flowering turns out with your light setup. I will have two 450-watt ViparSpectras throughout flowering.


haha, nice, I just want to compare them 2 lights same wattage.
Ty for that pic too


I’m glad you found some use out of it.
Almost a year later and I am still happy with both lights. Happy growing!


Yes very useful for me right now. I’m very happy with VS’s but need more and like this thread says Meizhi’s are better for flowering. I get through VS too but more is always more.