Companion plants. Which to keep separate in no-till gardening

Hey there,

My question is in regards to companion / cover plants…
I’m starting 4x 20gallon no-till fabric pots with 1x 7 gallon pot for companion plants that should be potted separately.
… which plants are okay to plant in my 20 gallon pots, and which should I be careful to keep only in my 7 gallon?

I’ve purchased alfalfa, peas, chamomile, clover, and so many others. Basically everything I could find listed on Royal Queen’s companion plant list.

Thank you. I apologize if i’m posting this in the wrong area. I had trouble finding a category that fit my subject matter.


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There’s not much here on the subject of no till. You can add what you have listed above, but I wouldn’t add the peas, more for outdoor ntg grows. Alfalfa and clover is what I use in my pots. If you have herbs that you would like to add into your pots, that’s fine as well, but stay away from chives.


If you’re going to keep your companion plants potted separately from your main crop, I’m not sure how much good your nitrogen fixing plants are going to do for your main crop plants. If they are to be potted separately but kept close, I would be more focused on plants like Basil, Marigolds, and Sage that are going to deter pests from the garden.

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I would use clovers in the 20 gal pots as ground cover and for nitrogen fixing purposes, then keep your other (bigger companions) in the 7 gallon pots but keep them close to the 20 gal pots.

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