Companion planting with autoflower

Is it good to do companion planting with autoflower plants?

Or does that take away from the nutrients they need due to their fast growing cycle?

Thinking of planting basil with my plants this year. Experienced grower, but I’ve never done autoflower before. I’m not as sure of myself as I am with regular plants.

I wouldn’t put anything in the same pot as your cannabis. Roots will become entangled and the plants will compete for water and nutrients.

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Are you speaking strictly of autoflowers?

Companion planting with regular plants is great for them.

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This article about companion planting is great. It explains why companion planting is good for plants. Hope I didn’t sound snarky in my reply.


As long as there’s enough root space, water, and nutrient for all plants, then I don’t see an issue. Covercrops and companion plants bode well with any garden.

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I just started my first mixed planter. From what I’ve read it should be fine. I’ve got lots of space around my Zkittlez autoflower, but will probably add some dill and cilantro (already have basil in there). I’ve also got a Zkittlez in a 10 gallon pot to see how they turn out.

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i plant tomatoes close to my outdoor and the catipillars seem to be more attracked to the matoes

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I grow cilantro and basil in my tent some times. Don’t know if it does any good, but I enjoy making pesto and cooking with cilantro.

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