Companion planting/lavender


Was wondering if anyone had tried growing lavender with plants to help mask smell a bit. The issue would be if the lavender would mess with my ss haze


Good question. I’m considering Basil and other herbs to add to my spring Grow. I did plant some lavender this year in the vicinity of where I plan on growing MJ with the hopes of odor camouflage.


ohh yea it will! i would not grow it in a tent with my mmj,but outside tent it would do great.
outside you could possibly grow next to each other.


Would growing inside tent be a problem with cross pollination? I would try and see but only grow 1 or 2 plants at a time. As it’s winter temperature would be an issue outside of cabinet hmmm guess I’ll give it a go and let y’all know


Hmmm :thinking: interesting combination, lavender MJ! I’m no botanist but I don’t think it’s genetically that easy to do. But since you can grow tomatoes and beans along side of MJ in a tent I think it’s worth a try :grinning:


I have a large Sage bush at my front door. That is what guests smell


I live in an ag area and have goats so I plan to just set out a couple of bales of hay


I think I’ll put out a bales of alfalfa. That would hide the smell.


Have two ss haze plants prob two weeks from seed and already smellin.