Companion Planting in same pot

Has anyone tried companion planting with something small like alfalfa in the same pot? Does anyone have pictures to show me?

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A lot of organic growers have alfalfa or other things like clover as a cover crop. Hoppiefrog uses this method, as well as others.

Basil is the best - hands down! It’s been shown to increase the production of oils in marijuana when planted together.

There’s a section in the grow guides about companion planting.
I believe they mention alfalfa as something that can actually help feed your plants.

Here’s a link -

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Thanks for the reply!

I’m trying to see how or if someone has done it in the same pot. I have 15 gallon fabric pots in my greenhouse so I wanted to plant some kind of companion plants (hopefully edible) in the same pot next to the seedlings when I transplant from the one gallon to the 15 gallon. About a week before transplanting my seedlings I wanted to sprinkle some basil, alfalfa or whatever seeds in the one gallon pot so when I transfer it to the 15 gallon the companion plant, herb whatever should be sprouting/growing.

What do you think?

A lot of explanation talk about having it outdoor and planting companion plants NEXT to the plant. I really want to try something in the same pot. I’m trying a batch organically and see if there is a difference and if I can get the same size plants and yield. I’m not a “tree hugger” in fact far from it, but I have a bother-in-law that runs this outdoor farm store/business that brings in completely organic soils, fertilizers, etc.

In Hawaii everything grows so I just want to make sure it’s worth my time.

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By the way, doesn’t basil get kinda bushy.

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I do a cover crop with clover but its goin to be fertilizer later on down the track

Is it in the same pot? Do you have a picture of it?

I dont at the moment the clover hasnt popped up yet but as soon as i have everything up i will show u .clover is the better thing to grow with ur plants cause it will supply nitrogen to ur plants

I heard that about alfalfa, I’m going to order clover as well. Do you put your clover seeds after the seedlings are about 2-3 inches tall or as soon as you germinate the seeds?

I make a hole with a solo cup for the seedling for after it has grown in the solo cup i spread the he seeds around that hole i made so i have them in there before i plant my seedlings

That makes sense, thanks for the tip.


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If it gets too bushy have some spaghetti!

I did basil in the pots with my outdoor grow last summer. But those pots were more like 30gal. It worked well, was there a difference? IDK!
But I did use it in my spaghetti through the summer, so either way it was a win! LOL!

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Thanks for the advise, I just ordered clover seeds as well. I have a bunch of seedlings so I wanted to try something organic or more so all natural with a few of them. Maybe I can do some side by side comparisons when I get there.