Companies will tell you what you want to hear to sell their lights πŸ˜”

Will do!! πŸͺ΄ :heart: :heart_eyes:

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I use 3 hlg 100s in my closet, one for each plant and like the results, I run my lights 15 to 18 inches above plants depending on streach. A hlg 100 will grow a nice plant all the way through flower.



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Mirrors reflect the light and can cause super hot spots on the plants and burn them up. U want something that has a texture to it where it will refract the light all over not just mirror image it to the plant. It will send light to spot of the plant and burn it up most likely. Girls do love looking in the morror but they also don’t stare into it all day long


Thanks for the feedback :+1: maybe the hot soil I have it in needs something to get the bud’s bigger? The place where I bought it says not to add anything? How long did it take for your’s to look like that? β€œNice”

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Hey @beardless hope all is well & you and yours had a great Christmas!!! Here’s a few pictures I wanted to share with you. This one is a bluedream photo, she is almost 8 weeks old as is the other one. It seems like it’s been forever since my first post and you were my first reply :+1: I’ve learned alot since then & still have alot to learn. My setup hasn’t changed except for the new light, and am going to have to wait until early March to build something better. The twins are close to 9 weeks old.

This one is a bluedream auto what do you think?

Blueberry auto lol