Common to droop after topping?

Is it common for a plant to acquire a good solid drrop after a topping?

Maybe I topped a little late in the grow?

Gold Leaf Feminized.


I don’t remeber that even being a concern or I didn’t notice it ? Lol

Do they need water ??

Haha joking you’d know that


I’ve topped 6 3x each the past coup!e of weeks and all stood tall.
I’ve never noticed a sad topping before and I keep a damn close eye on everything.
Especially this run with these new lights!

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How old are they?
Mine are babies, get that topping done fast as I can.

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It’s very common for a plant to droop when messed with. Sometimes it also depends on when you mess with them. Some more than others. If you fool with them just before they go to sleep, they’ll droop.

I have done many time lapse videos of my girls and they will naturally droop closer to bed time.

My wife was trimming on one plant the other day and was touching the side of another. That side was totally more droopy than the rest of the plant.
They’ll be fine by the next day or if in the morning, within an hour or two.
Good luck! :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:


I should have taken a picture but I was running late.

It is a whole Leaf droop. I topped 2 last night at about 6pm. My light schedule is off at 11am until 5pm. The other plant is fine.

I did lift the bucket and it was light-ish. I watered with about a gallon of RO. We will see at 5:00pm when I get home.


Sounds like you’ll be fine buddy, I was wondering if that one was a little light.

Do a light feeding after topping it should perk up

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