Common acronyms/ abbreviations

I thought there was a thread already but I haven’t been able to locate it to link it to a thread I was reading. So if it’s gone or I was high and imagined seeing it, here’s one for you to add acronyms that I have missed.

DWC = Deep water culture (Hydro)

RDWC = Recirculating deep water culture (hydro)

TDS/PPM = Total dissolved solids/ parts per million (Nutrient level)

EC = electrical conductivity (another measurement of TDS)

RO water = reverse osmosis water

DE = diatomaceous earth (bug prevention)

FFOF or OF = fox farms ocean forest (soil)

FFHF or HF = fox farms happy frog (soil)

MG = miracle grow (soil)

NPK = nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium

FF = fox farms (Nutrients)

GH = general hydroponics (nutrients)

AN = Advanced nutrients (Nutrients)

NTFG = Nectar for the gods (nutrients)

PAR = photosynthetic active radiation

PPFD = Photosynthetic photon flux density

SOG = sea of green

SCROG = screen of green

WPM = white powered mildew

RSO = Rick Simpson oil (extract)

CFL = compact fluorescent light (lighting)

HLG = horticulture lighting group (lighting)

MH = metal halide (lighting)

HPS = high pressure sodium (lighting)

CMH = ceramic metal halide (lighting)

AF = auto flower

HST = high stress training

LST = low stress training

Hit brain lock and can’t think of anymore off the top of my head.


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Son of a… found the threads I was talking about. Day late and dollar short. These two threads are much more in depth than what just posted



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Daily Light Interval

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Yes, that one came to me after the edit timer expired. Along with:

VPD = vapor pressure deficit

RH = relative humidity

Very helpful