Commercial grow set up questions

Ok guys commercial grower here who is about to expand. Will be in a leased warehouse building (this is the reason for the question) that is 1000 sq feet with a garage door on it as well as a small office in the corner with its own entrance. Typical industrial warehouse set up. My plan all along has been to place 3-4 10x10 grow tents inside. First so I can stagger them and have crops coming out around every 1-2 months. Second it makes it easier to control the environment (at least so I was thinking). I am starting to question myself on this. Would it be better and easier to control things by just using the whole warehouse area (roughly) as the grow but then only have 1 crop at a time? I hate to give too many thoughts before asking for any ideas you guys might have.

ILGM has a team of consultants that can be contracted to help with commercial operations. I’ll tag @latewood who can provide more information if you’re interested.


I’d use most of the open space for flowering, easier to control temps in a large open space rather than in tents, then put up a few tents for the lower wattage stuff for vegging/cloning. When plants are ready for flowering, bring them out to the big flowering room and let them do their thing. You can easily stagger the harvests that way as well, move some girls out to flower every month, then after going through a cycle, you’ll be harvesting every month or 2 weeks or however you plan it out.


Thank you

So the plan is now a 10x10 tent for veg/clones/mothers (considering a separate 4x4 for clones and 4x8 for mothers but will see. The rest of the warehouse section is going to be flowering. Should be able to get a perpetual crop going this way. Shooting for once a month.


With 4 flower rooms running a 9-10 week flower you should get a crop every 2-3 weeks if my math is correct.

Will be 1 big flower room. Not sure that makes a difference. Will basically fill the 10x10 first for veg, move those to flower room, fill up the 10x10 again, then move that group out, so on and so on.

If you’re moving them growing plant’s take 1/2 or less space that a flowering plant takes. Focus almost everything on the flowering plant. Growing them really EZ, making perfect buds is a never-ending journey. .

High-level take: I’d look at building out sealed partitions, sized according to your rotation strategy, and regulate climate using ductless mini-split heating and cooling heads running off of a single exterior heat pump. I would strongly consider installing two complete units instead of one, for redundant protection.

I would look at a completely separate system for heating/cooling/ventilation of the larger building. I’d also think about lung-rooms, and structural bio-security.