Coming to the end of my first grow ..... Wondering how I did?


Very good job!
Them look very happy :blush:
How old are them?

They be one day in the 7th week

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Another 3-4 weeks to go before harvest but is depending on how they progress :+1:
Maybe you can put a picture in natural light whit a bud… But only one for super zoom
Do you have a magnifier? This is a chart for harvesting part also here are a few articles about harvesting.

Splitting the stem! Read that!

Also you can read this!


Very nice job now comes the hard part being patient and not rushing to harvest let the trichomes tell you when. Be thinking ahead for drying time make sure your hanging spot is thought out so your not second guessing yourself dry real slow your going to be busy in few weeks then there’s curing time seems like the drying and curing takes as long as the grow.

Your plants look great @Dr.Nobody
Your definitely getting close but as @M4ur mentioned still weeks away from harvest
And imo a calendar :calendar: isnt the best way to determine harvest anyway it gives you a general idea when you should be done but sometimes theses things take a little longer watch tricombes as mentioned is best
I usually start watching mine closely when my pistols are 70%- 80% red or brown

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