Coming down the home stretch!

Entering 6th week of flowering and was wondering if every watering should have some kind of bloom nutrient or stay the course of 1-1 (nute-regH2O)… any other tips/tricks/etc. For things to come in the following weeks ahead would be appreciated. Also have heard that when the yellowish/golden hairs start to naturally appear. You are about 21 days out(give or take) from harvest. That would be when to check trichs regularly. This would be about right being they are starting to appear and that would put me at 12wks alive/ 9wks flower. Anyone else.ever heard of this?

it’s hard to just go by the hairs and definitely not just a finite 21 day time frame! Checking trichs with a jewlers loupe or camera micro is your best bet…I’m set to watching so I’ll know if you post something…welcome to the forum and put @ symbol in front of a name to call them over… like so @Konflict…cheers happy growing!!

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