Coming along pretty good

Here are 2 new pics of my “girls”. I have 6 total going. We gave them all girls names in hopes of encouraging females. lol!!
This is my first grow and I’m super excited. I am not looking to do the fastest way possible. Just slow and steady. I do have them on 16/8 light cycle. I have the ability to give them direct sunlight during the day and have a grow light for when it is dark. I used happy frog soil and I am using cyco to feed. Grow A and Grow B. Only feeding every other water at the half the recommended dose. Those directions were per my local grow shop. Who has been amazing with helping me get started!!!


They are looking very nice. Congratulations on getting them this far I am always concerned until they get to that stage. Are they in their forever home? I’d recommend getting them more soil. If they are in 3-gallon pots and you fill half way that is only 1.5-gallons of soil. You could run into root problems later.

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They look really good.

Agree they will need more dirt. You will need to transplant soon anyway.

No need for nutrient feedings at this point. I use Happy Frog and don’t feed until after 4 or 5 weeks from the last transplant. FFHF provides more than enough nutrients.


Congratulations, very nice. You should be happy.! I am going to Echo The @Bubblehead on filling the pot up with soil ,get the plant up even with the top of the pot. Will help with air circulation and better light exposure. Just my thoughts. Keep up the good work.


Thanks everyone!
I did add more dirt. I have one that has a little bit of yellow on the edges of the bottom leaves. So… I’m freaking out a little