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hey bud, I found your topic… :grin:

I grew up on the coast… mums still there.

ok buddy, lets start with what’s going on, I wasn’t affected, but this summer is going to be brutal…

yeah man you need to be close to your plants, there is a very good chance those plants are fine but its too far away, im away from my girls for 5 days in a system that should be fine and it feels like its going to be too long…:grimacing:

now even if they are fine the f3 is going to catch fire at least 4-5 times this summer… its going to be bad,

so its guerilla style, water storage, drippers… that’s a young mans game. im not saying to give up on them, are they in the ground?

more importantly, start with what you want to achieve, how much do u need to grow… in an ideal best case scenario way…:grin: and then realise that there are a lot of reasons for failure… fires etc, so find a practical amount, greed can be ones biggest downfall… how much do u smoke? if you smoke a lot you may want to consider inside for a lot of reasons… mainly you can havest mustiple times and security, but has the cost drawbacks…

can you take some photos of near potential spots, how close are u to your neighbors socially and location…

might be controversial but, I have grown very well by just going over to my neighbours and asking if they would mind,… and not dob me in… once it was in a semi though and the smell when over 1kg of finish bud was drying, my excuse to the cops was that it was only one plant (I didn’t get caught and have since spoken to cops that have told me that it wouldn’t have worked… I was a kid)…but smell goes throught the attic space… and wwwwooo. their house stunk, I bought them a couple of bottles of wine as an apology,. they were cool…

the amount of failures growing on land that is not owned by you or rented is fraught with dangers, yeah man fires this summer… but its kids, cops, cows……. its me man! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I learnt to 4wd in the watagans, everyone who goes into the places your talking about thinks they can go anywhere and with half the trucks they can… now what I do when I find one of your plots is put a gps marker and I may not make it to see mum on hey birthday in late march, but ill be there to harvest your plants early, heck man I may even mix up some soluble nutes and take them up there once or twice, make sure its worth my while… look I might not do that but u get what I mean…

so lets talk a little closer to home perhaps, somewhere that’s not going to be on fire for the next 4 months… and it probably means smaller… :pensive:

so write down as much as u can, take a lot of photos, and we’ll figure something out…


Yes Kettle all u say is right I’m thinking auto’s for rest of this season outdoor at home neighbours etc r great security is the go good luck with yours to friend I’ll let u know how I’m going

are you set on autos? you have time for photos… :grin:

do u have photo seeds? I know this seems like im anti autos I don’t ment to be, its just that photo’s in Australia are so easy and big yields…:smile:, and you only need to have 1-2 or 3… and that’s enough…

My mate is going to sell me two WW FEMS I’ll be germinating them tonight will show u how I progress

I grew a winter grow 4 plants last winter they grew well & budded just before spring I shortened the days by putting them in shed for the last 4 weeks just thought auto’s would b good for that again this winter

umm your at umina in Australia right, its coming up to summer… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes just thinking about after summer I’ll grow these two WW FEMS then maybe do winter with auto’s

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Just thinking ahead

why not buddy sounds good… now if your germinating now what soil are you thinking? it can take several weeks for some recipes to mature…:grin:

Some worm soil with potting mix worms fed on prawn/fish waist as well as all vege scaps with shreaded newspaper fish etc at Xmas time well turned & mixed took most worms out before moving it to another container usually works well

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you may want to consider a few more additives, where is it I need to bookmark it… here

I haven’t used it but everything I use to do in my grows outside are covered in a soil recipe (plus a few extras) and I am gagging to try it… so think of what’s on this list and what your soil may be lacking and you may consider adding it… as then its in the soil you don’t have to stress… %100 what I would be doing… then work up to big pots… the fabric ones seem to be the go…

Thanx mate will b onto it where can I get all this stuff or can I buy ready made??

i would treat the soil as if it was my plant, in the early stages my plants don’t need much attention work on that soil and I would know in the long run it will be worth it… id find find some benefitial microbes,… getting the stuff, there is CRT at ourimbah for some of the agricultural stuff… but look online for smaller quantities idk… I cant do everything for u.:smirk:

you should look up each ingredient, its there for a reason… read as much as u can…

you can buy potting mix from Bunnings for $3 a bag, it wont produce great results though…:grin:

Thanx will do will show photos of growth stages too

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Yeah I knew Vince, that’s sad,

Yes it is stay cool mate

@Gr8 , yeah all good here in Se Qld . Nearest fire to me is a 30 minutes drive away .

@Kan72 we’re getting a lot of smoke around down here after loosing my WW in fires my friend gave me some clones & they’re taking off right now I’ll let u know how they go I can’t believe how well they kick on after cutting off the right part of the plant which he was pruning anyway I took a shot at it with rooting powder & theyre powering on 4 of em hope your going well up there mate please stay in contact as I will with you

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@coltfire how r u going all is well I hope I got some WW fem cuttings which I’m getting going with rooting powder & can’t believe how well they r going I’ll let u know how i’,m going with em I’,m a bit sud on putting photos up but will do as they grow wish Mr luck as I do you stay cool mate

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The smoke is killing me, I’m so over being on the nebulizer, girls are doing well, I to am a bit slack, on the pic side of things as well.

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