Come with me on a journey we love to call “grow”


Got my new 4x4 600w mh/hps all set up and running will be using ffof in 7 gal fabric pots. Got one “lemon haze” bag seed going strong so far. Sprouted under a 24in 12w dual spectrum led grow light bar from a large chain store with a name that rhymes with Paul Blart. Also have a beginner mixpack coming sometime. It shipped a week ago so just a waiting game now. I’m running an apollo 6in in-line fan and filter into a 4in roof exhaust from an un-used fart fan in the guest bathroom. Here’s a couple pics of the setup so far. Any questions about the setup just ask. I’ll also be getting another matching setup to go for a two month perpetual harvest but that can wait another month.

Just about a week from sprout and going strong. Hopefully it’s a beautiful girl. Tag anyone you think would enjoy following along.
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Nice set up @Shwiftyrick90 the Squatch is watching


@Shwiftyrick90 first off let me welcome you to the forum :+1:
Set up looks good seems your all set
Just a fyi you may find you Dont need to feed the girls suring veg ising ffof soil it has lots of good nutrients in the soil
I suggest you just ph water the soil until they show signs of wanting more nutrients
Try to maintain 6.5 ph when watering as well
Also some strains dont like the soil as a starter soil something like happy frog from ff and perilite mix is a better option to start the girls in the future with that siad dont worry you be fine ive started in the ffof in the past and had mixed results but all plants did survive
Im guessing you should be receiving your order anyday now
My last order took 10 days once order shipment was confirmed


great start @Shwiftyrick90,i’ll be watching!



I think you got some solid info so far, would just like to add that you’ll eventually have to figure something out for that passive vent. Just like you can see the light coming out, light can enter and interrupt your dark period.


Solid advice @dbrn32 :wink::+1:


Thank ya sir, got a few min for any likes come back. Figured was easier to point out now when it’s less likely to cause a problem. Otherwise you guys have this one set.


Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Just to address some things that were suggested here. I actually had the venting all open to make sure it wasn’t getting too hot in there. My last grow was a few years ago with a normal air cooled hood and heat was a real issue. But it’s all closed up now that I know it’s the right temp. I’m maintaining within a couple degrees of 75. And I know about the ocean Forrest being a little hot for young plants but this one seems to love it so far. Since I’m using 7 gal pots I wasn’t planning on feeding during veg too much unless it seems necessary. I’m going to stick with the fox farm soil trio most likely for nutes. I will be ordering a ph and ppm tester within a few days (paycheck comes tomorrow) but I don’t understand how to maintain the proper ph and ppm for the water run off. I’ve only ever tested what was goin in not out so any info on that is very appreciated.
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When you water or feed do both till you get about 20% out as run off collect that and test it
This will give you a good idea what is happening at the root level
But in truth @Shwiftyrick90 i only check my run off if i see signs of a issue it everything looks good i dont stress the numbers brother
And i agree with some strain like the ffof and some dont
I had ww that hated it but pulled threw just fine and i had gg that loves it from
Jump street ao woohoo
Phans ppm meters You can get a cheap combo set from amazon if $ is tight

Heres a link to a inexpensive set


I have an Amazon card so I’m not terribly strapped for cash. I’d rather try and go for mid range testers they seem to be the best for the money as far as accuracy and lifespan. But I have no clue where to start I’ve always just tested with the drops. And never have done ppm testing before.


Agian above is a decent set for the $
You can also do some hunting aprea makes a good unit many here are happy with

@Myfriendis410 has one I believe

You have many options if you want to spend more @Shwiftyrick90
Both are easy to do so dont stress it when you have tbe meters tag me


I guess my main concern right now is that my humidity is low (33% according to my hygrometer) and I don’t know how to get it to come up with that 440cfm fan running. Maybe I’ll just have to put a humidifier in there but even the fan on low moves a lot of air so I don’t know what will work best.


Place humidifer outside tent and moisten the room the air is being pulled from
it will be easier raising that air then in a tent with fan running
Dontou need the fan to pull 449 cfm thats alot of air brother
I use this one in my room


You should be fine with the dome on. Like @Donaldj said: let the plants adapt to the lower RH. I’m running low ambient RH and my plants are fine. You are actually in better shape to be dry than wet when it comes to flowering.


I agree with @Countryboyjvd1971, you’ll appreciate having those tools st some point. Probably before long too! Fell same way about runoff too. Although when you’re just getting the tools it can be helpful to use them some and get familiar, as well as take some notes on stuff like runoff. Once you get the hang of it and have the tools, really only need runoff data to diagnose potential issues should you see them.

The light leak thing, you’ll actually want to keep that open if you can. It’s not all about temps, but those are important. Plants use co2 for photosynthesis, and you want to keep levels up if you can. If your tent is sealed up you don’t introduce fresh air at ambient co2 levels. There are some fancy solutions, but usually not needed. You can usually fab up a light trap out of cardboard and duct tape or similar items. Then just light the room the tent is in well, and climb into your zipped up tent. Give a few minutes for your eyes to adjust and check for leaks.


Welcome to the forum, @Shwiftyrick90, do you have a Morty? Nice setup you have there, and you girl looks good. :slightly_smiling_face:


@dbrn32 I left one of the round vents open to have the air flow I need from outside the tent. Just closed up the netted side ports because that light is so bright at night. Gotta be stealthy if possible.
@raustin yes I have a little morty in training he is little still though only 4 :joy:


As long as you have it handled my friend. Would hate to see you have issues down the road.


@dbrn32 I’m not going to say that I have it handled just yet. The tent has only been setup for a few days now so very much in the figuring things out stage with this setup. But I have a little time to figure it all out. I will be putting one or two blowers at the bottom for extra fresh air but that’s not until later today when I get them from storage. But luckily I only work 3 or 4 days a week (12hr shifts) so that gives me plenty of time to keep track of the garden in case a problem arises.


Youll be ok @Shwiftyrick90
Just remember its will be easier to adjust room temp and humidity than it will be to adjust temps and humidity in tent
if you supply the tent with proper temperature and humidity levels threw either passive or positive intake you have a more consistent level in tent
I personally like postive intakes and filter the air in as well :wink: