Come on y'all let's take a ride -> lsd plants

Thanks biddy!

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I saw it and like it never knew that existed. My plants look like they just popped out still. They’re growing just not at the rate i want. They’re difficult to tell. I’m just going to keep growing them. Screw it lol!

Thanks! And that’s what I did with Loretta, seed #1. She’s six weeks old now and has two miniature sets of leaves. She got evicted from the tent and put in with the other overwintering houseplants.

My tent is only a 2x2, no room for stragglers.

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I have two 3x3 tents so I have time. I put ones ready to s flower in one snd all others in the other one. Makes it easier.

Santa Claus is bringing me a 3X3 for Fizmas, I’ve been a very very good girl this year.

So I’ll have a 3x3 with my cheapie “3000W” led, and my 2X2 with my Mars TS-1000. That will be helpful for future grows. Hopefully, this plant will teach me a lot in the next few weeks.

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Dude! I didn’t realize you were a woman sorry. ;(. I called you buddy when I should’ve called you miss. My bad.

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That plant looks great. Btw. I don’t think Santa is coming to our house this year my wife has used all her sick and vacation taking care of my dumb ass. So now we have 20 seeds and successfully cloned a plant but I’m done with autos. They don’t clone real well lol

Oh goodness, it’s fine! I’m as much of a buddy as any other grower. Please don’t apologize.

And thank you - I think she’s doing just great!

I had to take care of my husband last year, but I was teaching from home for most of it so was lucky that way. I only missed the day he was discharged from the hospital! I retired in June, so am now a full time caretaker and weed hobbyist.


Damn sorry to hear that. Sounds like you and my wife have much in common. Though I try to push her out to do more she is not having it lol.

Me either!! I’m so glad I didn’t lose him I refuse to let him out of my sight. And if I have to go out, the greyhound fills in for me. :joy:

Lol. If you don’t mind me asking what’s wrong. I have inherent Parkinson’s very rare and traumatic brain injury along with brain surgery. I just can’t seem to stop getting concussions. So my wife stays home snd takes care of me because I fall a lot and hurt myself a lot.

Pics for everyone. I’m really disappointed with the lsd plants. They appear to be burning. I have a Mars ts 1000 lamp and now raised it all the way up in an effort to bring them back to life.
White widow

Lsd - just flushed woth zero ph and the ppm was 1300. Way to high for the age I think

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Sorry to hear about your health conditions. And I’ll be sure to try and remember not to call @Fiz bro :sunglasses: lol.

How much water are you giving them and how often? The soil looks wet but it could be the picture.


Lmao @ bro @Fiz I’m guessing wouldn’t care lol.

Watering every other day as I do the WW plants. i checked PPM was 1300 PH was 6.5 coming out.

I checked my parents WW amd I don’t think they’re both WW plants. Check out these pics and let me know what you think. It looks like two different plants to me?

I’d rather me have the health issues than anyone else in my family but it’s minor compared to my dad and moms issues. They both have the same Parkinson’s genes and he has stage four colon cancer in his stomach and lining of his guts and she had non alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. So I figured at 46 I’m good with the tbi and Parkinson’s lol. Actually wish I could take it all away from both of them.

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Good morning! First, I’m so sorry to hear about your troubles. You’ve got a tough row to hoe.

My husband caught covid last October, he had the blood clot in the lungs type but thank goodness he didn’t die from it. He then went on the have the long covid from hell, and has just finally started to recover in the past month or so. I was so afraid to leave him because he kept falling, and he is 6 ft 2 and weights over 300 lbs. I’m a tall, strong woman (for my age!) but it was very difficult to lift him.

On this Thanksgiving, I’m blessed he’s still here, and that I’m able to take care of him.

I’m hoping to be able to create edibles for him to help with his ongoing chronic pain issues. He won’t smoke or vape – unlike me!

Oh, and I’m proud to be a “grower bro”. I don’t mind at all, especially since everyone has made me so welcome.

And here is Lucy today - day 17, and she popped a pre-flower last night, removing all doubt that she’s a girl.

I am working up a hypothesis on these LSD seeds. They seem to hate being planted into their big pot right away. I spent good money on the soil for Loretta’s pot, only to see her turn into a little twisted nothing of a plant.

This time, I followed Hellraiser’s journal and planted into the solo cup. I bought a Pot for Pot and set up the cup exactly as I did the big pot but in miniature. I weight and water only when I know she is really dry. (I can now tell without weighing so that’s good!)

All she gets is water pHed to 6.5 - and now I’ve added 5 drops of “Sugar Daddy” to her drinks.

She is very very happy. Now, I’ll never know if Loretta would have done the exact same as Lucy with this treatment, or if she was just a “bad seed”. But Lucy is growing like I’ve never seen before.

All I’m sweating out now is the transplant which will have to be tomorrow.


Oh damn sorry to hear it. We’ve been lucky with covid in our area no one I know has gotten it along our travels to Moab and across the country. So very great full for that. And no need to be sorry for any of my ailments most are self inflicted because I refuse to listen snd stop living. Lol. YOLO!

Happy thanksgiving to you and your and yo everyone ear on this awesome place!

Plant looks a little on the small side to be ready to flower. I’d leave it some more on 18/6 and see if you can gain some more branches and bushyness. That’s what I’m doing or go to 24 hrs to gain some.

Yeah, she’s still a baby in my eyes, but I think she thinks she’s a teenager. Lights on 18/6, and is staying there throughout.

I figured I’d start with an auto, see how it goes, and perhaps in the spring I’ll plant a photoperiod. I have 5 Gold Leaf seeds to try. I grew a monstrous rocktrumpet vine on my patio last summer, betcha a photo would love it. Sun from dawn to dusk.

I also got a light 2x larger than my current one, so my next grow is going in a bigger tent with a bigger light.

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I have two 3x3 tents and a Mars 1500 and another 650 cheapy from Amazon over the lsd plants. I see the one is starting to grow better now. It’s under the cheapy

I probably need to add this one to it so they’re under the same light.

The other one looks good.

And the white widows I trimmed almost down to nothing training it and it’s starting to grow back with a force


Plants are starting to grow like weeds lol. Except for the lsd plants they seem to grow sooo freaking slow. First pics of the white widows!

Now the lsd