Come on y'all let's take a ride -> lsd plants

Got my seeds yesterday. My white widow yield was poor on 7 plants. I’m switching soil to FF ocean. I’ll start seeds in seedling cup on Friday. This is my third grow and I’m ready for a change. I went back to check the first grow where I got 3/4 of a lb out of three plants and soil was brand new. So I think my mistake on my second batch of white widow was due to old soil I mixed with new soil. Who knows just happy to have something new. My dad has cancer so a lot of this is for him.

So anyways I’m doing six lsd plants to see how it compares to White Widow. Two 3x3 tents and 5 gallon fabric pots. I have a couple different lights two weather stations for monitoring temp and humidity. And a lot of time I will be away from them. Wonder if the wife would let me move them lol to our rv while staying at dads.

So Come on y’all let’s take a ride
Don’t you say shit just get inside
It’s time to take your ass on another kind of trip. Lsd plants is the trip lmao.


Maybe. One thing to consider for indoor growing is yield has a lot to do with available square footage. A lot of sites will tell you “grams per square meter” with some fun sounding numbers like 500-850g per sq. meter. But that translates into 500-850g per 10sq ft. so if you’re using 2 3x3s you’ll probably be able to get somewhere around that “average” of per sq meter. It doesn’t have to do with the number of plants as much as the footprint of your canopy.

Sorry to hear it but glad he has you growing for him! I’m sure that it makes an immense difference.

Lighting is gonna be key. :v:

Good luck on this grow.

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Thank you, sir

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Out of likes brother but solid pointers :love_you_gesture:


Ok planted lsd and another mystery seed lol. Also threw in two white widow seeds. All are resting in their little homes while my wife’s experiment in cloning autos is starting to unfold a flower while only 6” tall lmao. Anyways she wanted to try it and doesn’t even do it just wanted to have fun with it.

Having a problem keeping it right at 75 since we moved the setup downstairs. My exhaust fans can’t get here quick enough.

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So it begins. Took the helmet heads off and we are off and running. I’m not sure what the mystery plant is but I don’t think it’s hemp related. Never seen one like that.

See circled in red

If anyone knows and can tell me it would be great.

Sorry can’t help with the mystery seed, but I jumped on your thread because I have a brand new LSD auto seedling! I can only do one at a time, planted one seed which totally failed to do anything. Changed a bunch of stuff, and the new sprout looks very healthy. (This is my first grow.)

So sorry to hear about your dad. My best wishes to you and to him. May your garden bring him comfort.


Thanks bud! This is my third grow. Both my first and second grows produced. Second one produced less than first so I’m changing soils. But hoping for five good plants. Found out the other one is an aloe Vera plant. Evidently my wife was playing a joke on me. :joy:


Looks vaguely like my gladiolus out in my front yard. I’m not a big gardener but I do have some from the previous homeowner I try and keep alive.


Pics for effect the two white widows are taking off as usual. However the lsd plants are having a hard time. A lot of excess of shell I guess.

My first LSD seed failed. She germinated and sprouted, but oh so slowly, and she was “twisted” from the beginning. My new seedling looks great. The first one has been demoted to houseplant and is chilling outside the tent. She’s apparently never going to grow, never seen anything like it.

The baby is 4 days old and leaves doubled in size, entirely different seed!


They all look great with the lsd plants catching the white widows

So just one pic. I know I have some stretch. I like yo stretch them as much as I can and get them bigger faster. And I like taller plants. Still at my dads. And using their tent. Don’t know when I’ll be home. But may go home and grab some bags.

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As long as you stretch them on purpose, looks like you’re on track

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I’d be careful with stretch at the seedling age, IMHO.

It wouldn’t hurt to build a little soil around the base… start the stretch when they get a little stronger


I’ll post today’s picture of my LSD at 7 days old. She started a bit of a lean today. Upped her light a wee bit and added a tiny desk fan to stir her a little.

I also added a bit of soil to the cup to help her stand back up some. This pic was before all that.

You’re looking good! I’m thinking these LSD seeds are trickier than I thought they would be, but so be it.


Yeah, I second this. I have had to rebury lots of stem from too much stretch.

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Yep that’s it

They definitely are different than white widows. They seem more temperamental and finicky. I’m using fox farms grow big and they seem to be handling it ok. I’ve heard these plants were easier and so far they’ve been anything but.

Oh and in case no one has noticed contact your state rep and tell them to vote yes!!!

Interested in how this goes. I just started a few and I’m at the same stage as you about a week in. Haven’t even took pics yet but will start today

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