Come in out of the Cold and into Thc Snow


I’m starting this Journal which is going to be of two THC Snow seeds I purchased from another company before knowing of ILGM. I attempted to place a second order with that company but my payment just wouldn’t go through so I looked for another seed company and here I am. My very first grow from seeds was this THC Snow and everyone who’s tried it loved it. I’ve learned so much since that first grow that I just had to try growing this strain again.
For all those who don’t know how I grow I’m doing an EBB and Flow system with 5-gals pots. It’s a recirculating system feeding from a reservoir that feeds five times in the 18 hr. schedule. Each feeding is for 30 mins. and I’m using General Hydroponics Flora series. Right now I’m at the end of the Early Growth week and in a couple days I’ll be changing to Late Growth which lasts until they go into the Blooming room, a month or so. I’ll be topping these at least once. I’m currently only using the three base nutrients with PPM’s at 1050. I will add some cal-mag once I change to Late Growth. As far as lighting I’m running two 4ft. 8-bulb Agrobrite High Output Fluorescent T5 Grow lights. Each light puts out about 400W or so. I’ve been keeping the lights about 4 ft. above the plants.
Here’s the chart I go by for the nutes and I keep the PPM’s at the low end of the scale. I realize this chart is not for cannabis but it’s been working for me. My PH will be at 5.8 as much as possible.

Here’s a picture taken today on day 6 of Veg. of the two girls.

Soil grow or hydro grow woes
January 2018 BOM contest. Happy New year!

I will follow , @ntmaremach, I am sure it will be a great grow to do so :wink::grinning::innocent:


Wow I didn’t realize that you could have a t5ho that far away,but the nodes are nice and tight so… :+1::+1::clap::clap::clap::clap::eyes:


@Nug-bug I thought they might stretch when I did the three Green Crack which was my last grow but it seems the light with all 8 bulbs running at the 4 ft mark was perfect. I could probably only run 4 of the 8 bulbs and lower them but I don’t want to change anything now. If I do notice them stretching I will lower the lights.


Thanks for your confidence in me I won’t let you down.:laughing:


Out of likes, but you’re girls look great and I’ll follow along!


they look marvelous already!


Woohoo @ntmaremach looking good
I was looking into a ebb and flow set up not to long ago
Will be watching this ine for sure
Still on the fence about it lol


@Countryboyjvd1971 I’m really loving this system. I ended buying two so I could veg and flower at the same time. Each has the 55 gal. drum. I also purchased another drum so I could have a full drum of water ready to go.


Nice :+1: ive never done the hydro thing so im definitely intrigued
I think thats a great idea of having a second res
How many plants total per res @ntmaremach


@Countryboyjvd1971 Each setup comes with six five gal. pots, a six gal. fill res. that feeds the pots. And the 55gal. drum. I started this with using the six pots but I let them veg so the plants would be large. They ended up being stressed trying to fit all six plants into the 5X10 grow room. The next grow I did the three Green Crack and they still were fighting for room. This time I only have the two so I know they will have plenty of room where I can actually walk around them when I have to. You can have as many pots going in one system that can handle having a 55 gal. reservoir. If you are using the five gal. pots you can’t have more than eight plants at one time. You’d be using about 45 gals. at one feeding to fill all eight pots and the six gal. fill reservoir. This system feeds from the bottom and fills the six gal. reservoir which feeds all the pots. Once the pots are full the pump shuts off until the timer says to empty. If you’re doing the max. in a scrog you have to remember that you’ll need to add to the system quite often so the pumps don’t go air bound due to running low. If you are using the smaller three gal. pots you could probably do about 12 or so. You can join one pot to another to another and you have six ports coming out of the controller. I will run a separate line to each pot so if something happens to one line it doesn’t affect another.
Here’s the drum and controller res.
At the time of this picture I had just built the new grow room but I still had two plants in the old grow room which is now my drying room so you can actually feed to different rooms.


thank you for laying that info out about this system @ntmaremach


@ntmaremach that’s pretty sweet brother
I like the set for sure
Nice m actually tossing the idea between hydroponic and auqaponic set up next
They both have me intrigued and interested
Thanks for sharing


@Niala @Nug-bug @MattyBear @BIGE @Countryboyjvd1971
Today makes day 8 of Veg. and I changed the nutrients to the Late Growth schedule. I was going to add some cal-mag but I need to get some tomorrow.
I added about 30 gals. of water to nutrients for 25 gals. so I could keep the PPM’s where I want it on the low side.
My PPM’s are at 1050 and PH is at 5.8.
I haven’t seen roots coming through the bottom of the pots yet but I can expect to see them any day now.
Here’s some pictures taken today.


@Countryboyjvd1971 I thought you might like to see the inside of the controller unit. It’s currently feeding as you can see. There’s a half inch hose going from a pump inside the drum to the controller for feeding. Inside to the right you can see a pump submerged that will empty the controller back into the drum after the half hour schedule I use. There are two switches inside on the bottom left you can’t see in the picture which tell the pump when to shut off when emptying so the pump doesn’t run dry. The switch on the top left is for an emergency shut off in case you have the level floats set to high preventing an overflow. :grinning:The two white float switches are for how high you want the nutes to be in the pots. Both white floats move up or down the rods together. The one on the right tells the pump when to shut off when filling. The one on the left will tell the pump to come back on if the level drops as all the pots level out while filling. As more roots develop through the bottom of the pot the flow will slow down when filling and emptying.


It’s only been a day since my last post here but I just had to show that the roots are showing at the bottom of the pots on both plants. When they’re at this stage you can almost see them growing before you eyes. At this stage the girls are absorbing about a quart between the two girls every feeding which is for a half hour. Five feedings a day so they are absorbing about five quarts a day which will change shortly as they get bigger.

Trimming cleaning off lower branches

Day 13 of Veg. and the girls are looking great. I’m hoping they will start to grow in height soon. The stems are really starting to get big. The PPM’s are staying at 1050 or so and the PH has maintained pretty good to. I only had to add some PH up this morning bringing it back to 5.8. The roots are really showing out the bottom now and look good. Here’s some pictures from this morning.


Those look so beautiful and healthy. Great job! Thank you for the invite.


when you have a second Country Boy could you please explain to me the difference between Hydroponics and aquaponics? To be honest I never heard of aqua.
I grow in soil so no hurry to respond but I love to learn and read about everything growing marijuana. So thank you for your time and effort.


In Auqaponic system you have a fish tank that will provide most all nutrients to your system once you establish a good ecosystem
And hydroponic is a sterile environment
Both use water at the root zone to feed
You can have a dual root zone as well where you have a soil layer etc .
A lot more can go wrong in auqaponic set up since you need to maintain a healthy fish ecosystem as well as healthy plants environment
With auqaponic you can raise fish that you can eat if you wanted for example cat fish or tolopia
Definitely study up on either system before jumping in brother

Heres a good place to start they have a pod cast every Thursday night Steve and Marty are friends of the forum there sgow is called
growing with the fishes
Latewood does the pod cast as well as Hogmaster most weeks