Come grow with me by HCG (week 4 and on)


Not long winded at all. Keep on teaching


Not long winded at all. I love trying to absorb all of the knowledge you have. We may be very near the same age but you have got it going on with this growing thing for sure :slight_smile: Share all you want, while I am not nearly as quickly absorbent as I once was even 3 years ago, I always have this to refer back to should I forget! :green_heart: :seedling:


@FreakyDeekie Dang if I don’t write it down I never thought of it. I hate when that happens! That’s part of how I learned I like an eclectic view then come to my own conclusion. Basically I have been gardening for over 50 yrs. I learned by failures and wins, every time I got a new plant I would pull out my Sunset Western Garden Book and read about it. All growing things require the same basic care food, water and sunshine. So when I grow I apply all of the principles I have acquired over the years, there really isn’t any difference between growing a ‘weed’ or a rose, if you can do one then by George you can do the other. And there you have it my story and I’m stickin’ to it! :woman_farmer:t4::yin_yang:


I grew plants great, gardens, indoor plants, etc, in Indiana, but here in Kansas I just haven’t figured out the soil. Got a load of manure laden farm soil, added equal parts of decent garden soil, worked all into the regular soil and my raised garden just doesn’t grow well. Too hot, too dry, I just need to keep after it. I will of course use a decent soil for my “grow” Last time I used FFOF but not going to do that this time. Just need to figure out a replacement. A couple of greenhouses/gardening services around here but honest to goodness I got paranoid every time I had to go in there looking for something last year. I felt like they were side-eying me, LOL


@FreakyDeekie @Johnzy81 @mulegal @Myfriendis410 @Rugar89 @Hogmaster @timmyv324 @merlin44 and if I missed anyone I am sorry. Please add to the list if you would like. Ah today it was actually cold, cloudy and a spritz infrequently. It was breezy at times and variable. I went out to check on the green house and occupants and all I could see was moisture on the walls! It’s working like it should, very humid and toasty inside. Plus it stayed up even with the wind. This will hopefully keep the winter grow going. Like I said I am going at this blind. Because it wasn’t an outside day I had the wonderful opportunity to banter back and forth with you all.

@AmnesiaHaze Weather Factoid for the day: Forecasting the Weather Insects are more troublesome just before a rain. It’s harder for them to fly in the high humidity, so they cling more. And when the atmospheric pressure is low, you give off more body odor, which attracts them. From “Never Trust a Calm Dog” :woman_farmer:t4:


@FreakyDeekie It’s that 10 % paranoia I always refer to lol. Ya know look up the nearest agricultural place and ask them about the soil. They don’t have to know what you are growing, tell them you are thinking either of in ground or raised beds plot. That is what they are there for and won’t be suspicious because you are in farming country or go to the ag dept at the local university. Believe me you do not stick out with a forehead tattoo of a pot leaf with blinking lights, you are one of many and will be just fine. Take a couple of soil samples with you. The worse they can do is send the DEA, jk. However you did say you lived in Kansas…click your shovels three times and then follow the bud brick road…,… If I only had a brain :sunglasses:


You should be in charge of creating threads that could be “Natures Factoids of the Day”! LOL very cool


@AmnesiaHaze For real, huh! Fun!:woman_farmer:t4:


It’s sunny but cool today so I left the girls in the green house with the door open, dang they are gettin’ big!

Water droplets on leaf
The other half of my yard
Yes that is gypsum, the white stuff. @Flyr told ya I was OCD! I built the rock work around the roses. :woman_farmer:t4:


Very nice! And your ladies are looking good!


Looks great. Love the fruit trees. Lol my backyard has 20” of snow. My mom had spectacular gardens all over her yard. It was so nice a bus tour used to bring folks by her house to look at the flower gardens she had. I hope I got moms green thumb. Lol I need to move.


Nice space! Where’s the avocado trees?? (We have 2 Fuerte).

You have a nice touch.


@Myfriendis410 i have a question would a avacido tree grow in NY ? Would it survive our winters?


There are a couple of varieties that will take a hard frost but when you have temps below 20° avocado tress will freeze. Too bad!


Could i keep one in a pot? Maybe 30 gallon or bigger and bring it in ? Or do you think that would be a waste of time
My wife would love one lol @Myfriendis410


If you have the space to grow it I think that would be wonderful! I would suggest that you purchase a tree instead of starting one from a pit. I was warned away from doing that by an avocado grower.


Sounds good ill look into it then my friend


@Myfriendis410 That is the only thing I am missing an avocado tree but I do have an olive tree! Oranges for avocados? Don’t I wish! Thank you! I live for gardening!:woman_farmer:t4:


@Countryboyjvd1971 No avocados are tropical, sorry. But you guys get Maple Syrup and we have to buy ours! :woman_farmer:t4:


Lol i was hoping lol
I actually have lots of maple trees on my property lol and mentioned to my wife that we should take advantage of that lol
She was that excited tho she a diabetic and cant really use that stuff hahaha