Come grow with me by HCG (week 4 and on)


Wondrous harvest @highcountrygal. Mindblowing cool.

And thanks for the weather facts. Now I’m hummming.


Better check the forecast for next week! :wink:


Sounds great to me right now. We just got about 10” of snow so far this weekend. Luckily I harvested a couple weeks ago ( indoors ) so I’m not fighting the cold with my babies yet!! You guys post pics and I get a bit jealous


Today is day 30 from when I put the seeds in the dirt. They are growing so fast I’m not sure they will fit in the green house, esp the ones on the sides I have to lift them over a bar or between 2 bars to get them to the bricks. They may be too tall and I don’t want to break anything. Now I am not complaining, it’s going to be hard to keep um in shoes (yes last years crop is good lol). Time to go outside now, it’s 58’ break out the shorts!! :rofl:


Week 5 30 days old. It’s a day or two earlier to take comparison pics but because it may rain I decided to take them today. Bear with me a bit because I want to show week 4 next to week 5 then 5 to 6 etc.

! P1010008|668x500! P1010010|668x500
The peppers and today I added a pinch of this to each plant. Whew! :woman_farmer:t4:


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Genetics on Hash Sugar Daddy Hash Daddy haze x Sweettooth


@AmnesiaHaze believe me you are as nuts as I am lol I’ve always said about myself that I don’t know a lot about big things but I know a lot about little things! I live for this kinda stuff. I will be adding a bunch more and will tag you when I do. Actually I think there is a new one now. Then Hipsters we shall be :sunglasses::woman_farmer:t4:


@highcountrygal yes count me in it will be interesting for sure.


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You got it goin on!!! Way to go !! Weather looks great too!!!


They are looking lovely @highcountrygal! I am trying to figure It out some kind of way to grow a few autos outside this spring/summer. The problem is two-fold. Illegal in this state from hell, and even though we only have one house that would be considered to be “next door” and we have a privacy fence around our back yard, the “next door” neighbor is my husband’s boss who retired in January, and his wife, the bank president. Trying to figure out what I can plant around it to help hide and disguise it. I was initially thinking of planting the Maui Wowie outside but would probably just be way too tall to disguise. My kingdom for a legal state :slight_smile: :green_heart: :seedling:


@FreakyDeekie Good mornin’ and high! I know how you feel, my neighbors are just on the other side of the fence. Holy canolli and the next door neighbors you have!! You get to practice ‘stealth growing’. Even though I do live in SoCal and it is legal I still have that 10 % paranoia factor that makes me very vigilant. Kids, thieves and pot haters. Now this is how I did it and made it through the whole grow season, not that it’s the right way. When I went outside I never talked out loud (I live alone) and when there was someone here (extremely rare) we never talked about it till inside. The other thing that I think saved me and I am not even sure about this. Because they were in 5 gal. pots I watered 3 x’s a day, I never had any weed smell so I was good on that point. Just plant and let grow and see what happens. And for gosh sake don’t tell any one about your ‘tomato plant’ Another thing you might consider is staying in a pot big enough to grow with but also easy to pick up and move if nec. Best of luck and happy growing! :woman_farmer:t4:


Thank you @highcountrygal, I am thinking of things that I can plant back there that I might be able to hide a few plants behind or among. I don’t mind spending a couple of hundred on some minor landscaping to assist with stealth. I was thinking about getting a couple of large pampas grass clumps and some butterfly plants, some kind of tall stuff which would surround but not totally shade. It gets miserably hot here in the summer, with low humidity and that is a factor too! Then I was thinking I could make a cucumber trellis out from the fence, lightly weave the vines and hide the plants underneath. I have a small garden anyway, and I always plant cucumbers against the fence so it wouldn’t look weird for me to have made an angled trellis of cucumbers in that area, were someone to look over the fence. My biggest fear is that last summer people were flying drones around and I imagine they had cameras on them if I had to bet. I guess I should just cross one bridge at a time. Hoping my seeds arrive today or tomorrow so that I have that waiting off of my mind. I was thinking of doing the autos in 5 gallon cloth pots with handles. I was thinking they might need 7 gallon for outside but I would really have a hard time moving several pots that size around if they had just been watered! Happy growing,


@FreakyDeekie % gal pots are just perfect for and outdoor grow. Because of my being in a wheelchair I have to be able to handle sizes and wts. It is hot and dry here as well hence my watering 3 x a day. One of my gals went over 7’ and I never saw the top until harvest. As you can see in my pic 5 gals. work well. Also I am including a pic of the root system from a 5 gal bucket.

Right at Harvest time 2 down 4 to go. :woman_farmer:t4:




Those roots are amazing. I was really upset with myself that when I harvested my sad little grow late last summer and early fall that I never unpotted at least one of the plants to check out the roots. I suspect they were weak but I don’t really know. I just hope to do better this year, some autos outdoors and since I couldn’t evade spider mites indoors last year I know I am going to have to be very proactive when outside. Thank you for sharing. I love your photos!! :green_heart: :seedling:


@FreakyDeekie That only shows the biggest of the roots, there were zillions of tiny roots so thick (I used these to pack in spaces in a rock garden I made to plug up leaks, worked like a charm) it took me forever to get what dirt remained out. If you do grow outside make sure to always check the outside out your bucket where the sun hits and you will be surprised how hot it gets, esp. because it’s plastic, now imagine how those roots feel just on the other side, baked. Keep your soil loosened around the edges and make sure water is getting through AND being absorbed, check by watching for bubbles. This means that area is dry and not getting moisture or food, and will kill that section of roots. I have a metal rod about the size of a straw and a little taller than the bucket and as I water I watch for bubbles, stick the rod into that area all the way to the bottom and move it around until there are no more bubbles. Don’t fall for the assumption that water is being absorbed because it runs through fast, au contre. Stick your hand in there and loosen up that soil as far down as you can and try to keep it that way. Add gypsum to your soil at beginning and every few weeks, it is a surfactant which breaks up tight soil, allows for water and food absorbsion and adds calcium and sulfur which helps with ‘strong bones and teeth’. Sorry so long winded I just love to teach what I have learned. :woman_farmer:t4:


I just love seeing your happy plants. You really do have it going on @highcountrygal