Come grow with me by HCG (week 4 and on)


@Countryboyjvd1971 A big hug and thank you! I don’t feel as scattered as I did and boy was I! All of you are so awesome, I can’t believe I stumbled onto you all!! What a wonderful feeing to know there are nuts like me out there. :woman_farmer:t4:


We are happy to help and glad you found us as well hcg
I know i felt like i found my tribe when I arrived
And this is my second home now so woohoo
Keep up the good job :v:️ CB :cowboy_hat_face:


Following along, looking great so far! :green_heart: :seedling:


Plants really looking healthy and happy @highcountrygal. Gotta feel good having them all chug right along. Nice set up.


@mulegal High lady! Thank you! I wasa worried for a while because the stems were so thin and willowy. I broke 2 but just mounded dirt around them for support and so far so good. I added some more gypsum and they all have thickened up and are much more sturdy. I have to laugh because I don’t have a clue as to what I do with a winter crop so I’ll just have to sit back and watch. Yours aren’t lookin’ too bad either sister Equess. My friend just dropped off composted manure from where I used to board. Ye haw aboard the doo doo train. I went out this am and put the gals in the sun turned to look at my handiwork and I started laughing so hard, my neighbors must have wondered at me. On my honor this was not done on purpose! The word ‘anal’ comes to mind

They are all in line and all are planted in the exact same spot in the pots. I am still laughing! :woman_farmer:t4:


@Dragon269 Pepper update for you. I am just about ready to transplant them into 1 gal pots for a while then into the big pots.

:woman_farmer:t4: :peace_symbol: :star_and_crescent:


Got a wonderful surprise a ‘Happy Package’ yesterday and was gifted with several seeds by a great friend.
Lemon Squeeze Lemon Tree x Big Bud
Hell’s Ice Exorcist x Polar Vortex
The Exorcist bred by a grower friend of ours in Michigan
Amnesia Haze (Fem) from here ILG-AMH-FP5
Gold Leaf from here ILG-GLF-FP5

Now the hardest part of the whole process for me and that is deciding on which strains I want to grow. What’s even making it harder is that most are fem. I have decided that I will plant only fem. from here on out unless a magical seed drops from the sky.
From my seed stash I have
Chocolate Hash Plant L.A. Chocolate x Hash Plant
Hash Sugar Daddy
Afghani From here ILG-AFG/-FP5 Fem

For sure grow Afghani, Gold Leaf, Chocolate Hash Plant, Hash Sugar Daddy. Any comments, thoughts, strain knowledge invited! :seedling::sun_with_face::woman_farmer:t4:


@highcountrygal, hi there I’m sorry to just jump in but would you mind if I ask you to tag me in on any updates I would enjoy following along if you find time that is off course very nice start to your grow seasons thanks.


Awh people that looks like it was a great party :tada: @Onlythebest79 class.


Sorry worng tread folk’s excuse me.


@Johnzy81 I would love to tag you and thank you for your interest. I will be posting at least every other day, because I am doing my winter grow and starting to get ready for my summer grow. :woman_farmer:t4:


Thank you @highcountrygal I love getting all good experiences as possible :v:


Hhahahahahahahaha @highcountrygal. Not sure I’d call it anal…maybe just happily consistent.

Looks like you’ve been here before. Maybe winter grow won’t be so much different for you. Just less hot and less long/strong sun maybe? Looks like comfortable weather for the girls. Nice.

And just like @Johnzy81 says “I love getting all good experiences as possible”.


@highcountrygal I’ve been reading your thread I admire your enthusiasm! I just wanted to give you my thoughts as to what’s going on. If your temps have been that high maybe you could put a burlap screen over your baby’s keeps them cooler and still gets light and the little ones need humidity. So if there is any way you could give that to them it will benefit. Like a open top dome cuz the temps. 2 liter cut at the bottom to open it then slide over the babies. Just a thought. And they should b getting plenty of nutrients just from your dirt mix this young or feed very lightly til they get more hardy. But I’m sure with your drive your gonna have a great garden just remember over 88* a plant slows it’s growth and under 55


Good morning all! Woke up to clouds and a possibility of rain, how quickly things can change. Looks like it may be a stay in the green house day. Still not sure about green house protocol but all seem okay with what I am doing. @timmyv324 they seem to love the full sun and warmth. They are damp in the pot but top looks dry, but it’s only on the surface., I keep them damp but not wet which prevents fungus gnats and root rot. Before I start the nutes I want to establish a solid root and branch system to be able to support cola branches. I will probably start in a week or two. Meanwhile like you say they are being fed through the soil… I am following the same pattern as last summers grow!

And this is the Harvest from same


WOW, nice :green_heart: :seedling:


@FreakyDeekie Thanks! I am still in a state of awe! Never did I ever think…! :woman_farmer:t4:


Wow!!! I love it. Great harvest. I’d love to do an outside grow. That should b a good recipe!!


@timmyv324 I am lucky to be able to grow outside, there’s just something magical about it, the different way they grow, their different personalities (yes, personalities). The Grape Angel didn’t liked to be turned and would ‘ewh’, and sag her leaves in a tantrum and perk right up again. I had a bug that hung out on the stems, he never did anything, so his life was spared, I swear he could see me coming and would try to hide on the opposite side of the stem, this went on all summer. There is also a down side as well, paranoia. Someone seeing them, I had one well over 7’, or smelling them or the neighborhood kids, so I try to be a stealth grower. I think if I had to grow inside I wouldn’t, way too complicated for this old lady! LOL :woman_farmer:t4::peace_symbol:


Cool weather facts Ever wonder how the percentage of rain is calculated? In example a 20% chance etc. It is based on 100 days of similar weather, if it rained 20 days out of those 100 then you would have the 20% chance, except of course if you live in Southern California and as we all know it never rains in So. Cal. Hum I feel a song a’comin’ on! :scorpius: :star_and_crescent: :sun_behind_large_cloud: