Come grow with me by HCG (week 4 and on)


@Rexx Oh please laugh for real! Those are my scooter wheels, what a blessing for an active gardener! My dog Jinx loves it and follows me around. :woman_farmer:t4::rofl:


I have a scooter as well it took me sometime to get over myself i didnt what it Ive been a harley rider all my life and being demoted to the scooter was a little hard on my ego but now i would be lost with out it . and lucky i live in city with good mass transit .


@Rexx I know how you feel I didn’t ride Harleys I rode my horse and can’t anymore. Gardening is what keeps me going take that away and I’m not sure what I would do. Good for you to conquer all the little issues that come up, like moving stuff, digging and tending. :woman_farmer:t4:


Here is a continued page in my journal. I had to retake the pics because I lost the originals. So I only have one pic of each plant, since comparisons boogied. There are my little Shishito pepper sprouts, too.P1010008P1010009P1010010P1010011P1010013P1010014P1010015P1010018P1010017 I finished my brick base finally!P1010016 Hope these come through :woman_farmer:t4:


I’m set to watching! Your doing just fantastic! good job @highcountrygal


Looking good! :+1: Set to “watching” and anxious to watch!


@highcountrygal, I like how you have the pots on cinder blocks. You don’t have to continuously bend over to water and prune. Makes it easier on the back for sure. Great setup Countrygirl.


@Flyr I do it this way for several reasons, I am in a wheelchair, keeps plants up off the ground so bugs won’t try to move in and eliminates the need to make much effort! lol :woman_farmer:t4:


@highcountrygal, well heck, that’s a great idea.


Everything looks so healthy and happy @highcountrygal. i’m riding along with you on this one.


Those peppers Hot, Hot?


@mulegal No! They are sweet and spicy and once in a great while a bit of hot. I am so addicted. They are a delicacy in Japan. They are really prolific except when you are out! :woman_farmer:t4:


Sounds interesting @highcountrygal. That’s a new variety to me. I used to like the hot stuff…but now a days, my stomach is it’s own volcano of heat. Hahaha


I am not sure if I am doing this right, so if I am not HELP!!
Week 4 The weather has almost been ‘perfect’ this past week. Gals are growing really fast and have been getting stronger and not so leggy looking. They were popped into the soil on Jan. 13 and using the seed warming mat, hatched on Jan. 17 and then transplanted on the 23rd of Jan. into the 3 gal. pots. They have recovered from transplanting, finally. During the interim time I broke 2 sprouts but didn’t give up I just mounded the dirt around them for support and so far so good. Since transplanting I have been using Super Thrive as needed. This week, since they are looking better I started adding my concoction, gypsum, chicken manure, Dr. Earth in small amounts TBS, mixing it in and then filling the remainder of space with some Kelloggs ‘Raised Bed soil’ about 2 cups for each plant to fill the space created by the soil settling. I have also been bringing them out of the greenhouse in the morning and leaving until late afternoon. I also finished the bricks for the summer grow and have one bench up. The 2 empty sides will have 2 cinder blocks with wood planks approx. 5’ long. to hold a max of 10 5 gal pots, including the space on the bench. I don’t pinch so they take up less width space. My pile of soils for summer! Happy growing to all! :woman_farmer:t4:


How high is your humidity there? They might do better for a while staying in the greenhouse to bring it up some. I’m a total noob, just a suggestion.


Are your peppers like the Ghost Pepper? I tried to grow them but only 1 bush survived ( rare cold winter). …

Anyway looking really good… . :+1::+1::+1:
great idea about bricks… . :v::v::v:


@elheffe702 Humidity? what is that? No seriously they would fry in the green house it’s been in the upper 80’s and 90’s. and it gets way too hot, for me nuttin’ better than fresh air and sunshine the plants too! :woman_farmer:t4:


@Dragon269 Oh heck no! They are sweet and spicy and very rarely you might get a hot one. This is the first time from seed, usually I want an already started one but couldn’t find any. I will keep youy up to date! :woman_farmer:t4:


What a nice setup! I will be following.


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Hope this helps happy growing
Ill be watching your grow woohoo