Come grow with me by HCG (week 4 and on)


@Hogmaster I understand exactly what you mean my friend and thankfully I am In a good position to be as ready as possible thank you for the heads up tho I was definitely on the same wave length :v:


Holy cow really?? Shoot better get another tent lol because I heard the blue berry gets huge too!! And I have 2 @Hogmaster


Yeah they will take off my gold leaf did


Oh my goodness @Hogmaster there are a credit to you they are beautiful like unbelievable thank you so much for sharing that I am in awe of you right now :+1::+1::+1::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::+1::+1::+1::wink:


That’s what I’m waiting to see!! Man that’s beautiful!! And if I get a good yield/grow my first time I’ll be stoked!!:astonished::astonished::astonished:


I can tag you all in a few of my threads if you would like to watch fill free to ask any questions you may have


That’ll be great!!


Tagged you in 3


Tag me in. Some stuff if you’d like lol


I’m getting the tag but not pictures


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This place is on fire :fire: today or night whatever @Hogmaster your piping at the moment buddy just class so happy to have seen those I will repay that to you and off course anyone that would like to be involved like always everyone is welcome.


Nope, I don’t know why…


Ladies are all looking good man!


@MattyBear thanks I’m trying lol :grinning::sunglasses::sunglasses:


@Hogmaster that’s very beautiful!


Started setting up my grow space for this spring. Leveled the area and started laying the brick bases. There will be 3 5’ benches in a U shape so I can manage from both sides. The big pots, if you can see them are 25 gal and with hold 4 pepper plants. If any one is a pepper lover find a Shishido pepper plant or seeds at They are sweet and spicy, not hot and are a delicacy in Japan, and so, so good, hot or cold. I just realized it’s Feb. :peace_symbol: :woman_farmer:t4: P1010001


If anyone has a question about what the root system looks like after harvest. From a 5 gal. bucket. It took over 3 days to get most of the dirt out. Hope this helps any one curious. The curly peppers are the Shishido peppers. :woman_farmer:t4:


Weekly pics of my winter grow. Plus I found a newly sprouted seed that I didn’t think would come up. Surprise, surprise! And a pleasant one at that. Here is the progress I’ve made in my new grow area. I had to quit a day because my hands get sore when I lift a lot of bricks. My seeds from ILGM arrived today, hurray, hurray. Very impressed with the whole experience I must say! These will be for spring so they will have more time to develop. Question am I supposed to be leaving the plants in the greenhouse or bring out for air? :woman_farmer:t4: :peace_symbol: :star_and_crescent: :scorpius: P1010001P1010002P1010003P1010004


I’m not poking fun of you but it make me laugh because every thing i do leaves wheel marks like you