Come grow with me by HCG (week 4 and on)


I know this is a new topic, however this will be the where to find my journal in one place. Didn’t realize this should have been done from the start. Hopefully I can learn and share with others. My style is different but that’s what makes a journal important, and allows for an eclectic look on things. I grow outside in as natural setting as possible. Water, food and sunlight. So join me in my adventure, add what you need and take away what you can. Remember there is no right or wrong if it works for you. There is no such thing as a ‘stupid’ question, if you don’t know ask! :woman_farmer:t4:

A little weather fact: Did you know that crickets regulate the rhythm of their chirps based on the temperature outside? To convert cricket to Fahrenheit count the number of chirps you hear in 14 seconds and then add 40. Found to be accurate with in a degree or two. :owl:

Week 3 1/2 of hcg's 2018 grow and now WEEK 4 of same
Grow Journal of hcg 2018
Grow Journal of HCG week 3
My winter grow journal starting Jan. '18

Can’t wait to follow along :pig:


Awesome. I’m ready for the ride too , I’ll have to try the crickets. Lol cool


I remember a more difficult formula from my childhood but can’t recollect it now.

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I’m an indoor grower with play days outside lol. I’m up by Vandenberg Air Force Base.


This is very cool. This spring/summer I will put this to the test :slight_smile: Neat factoids like this really give me some spark it feels like warmness inside me :blush: kind of like a hope for humanity. (weird i kno) must be a hipster thing


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@AmnesiaHaze Me too and I know a bunch. I’ll keep adding them :woman_farmer:t4:


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A big thank you to all who are helping me get my journal together in one place! @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster and every one else.

WEEK 4 activity: I want to try to pull this journal together, so I am going to put everything in a fun filled novel for your pleasure.
Strains I am currently growing:
Purple Dragon Green Dragon x Mendo Montage
The Exorcist, seeds I, II, III
Chuckies Goo Fem. from my '17 grow Chucky x Gorilla Glue #4
Loose seed from my '17 grow most likely Space Terror II
Space Terror I Fem. from my '17 grow Deep Space x Night Terror
Chuckies Goo Fem. from 17 grow
and a baby as well.
Wk. 4 pics

I will update pics every week in the same order, so their progress can be seen.

Grow season will be here sooner than later, and for me no planning is always either a financial disaster, or a rush job. I have been gathering my ‘ammunition’, enough for hopefully 6-8 buckets but will fill 10 5 gal. (she’s got high hopes) buckets. Please if you have any questions, comments, the more the merrier. In this pic I have soils and amendments, worm castings, gypsum, Monterey BT and Super Thrive.

Whew I think I am caught up for now. I did Super Thrive the sproutlets today. Weather still unbelievably conducive to growth. Namaste all! :woman_farmer:t4: :peace_symbol:


You go Girl! :grin:


P1010298P1010299P1010300P1010302P1010303P1010305 I am now starting a picture journey of my 1st winter grow, I hope. It will be an outside grow with the help of a greenhouse. On 1/13 I planted 10 my seeds and put them on my new seed warmer pad, not knowing what to expect. On 1/17 they popped up all but 2, so I will start with 8. Over the next few days I set them in the sun until sundown, they were tall and ‘willowy’ but perky and holding their own. Today, 1/23/18, I transplanted all 8 into 3 gal pots and they are on the countertop until the morning. After I download the pics I’ll continue…


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Back again! 1. All tucked in and ready to grow. 2. Beautiful oranges from my tree, Exorcist I, Chuckies Goo A-2 (my feminized seed from this yr, 2nd of 2 that sprouted), Exorcist III (3 sprouted). 3. Exorcist II, Purple Dragon and a feminized unk., it was loose in my seed box 4. The sproutlets Exorcist I Chuckies Goo A-2 5. Exorcist III and II 6. Space Terror 1 - A ( Fem. seed from my Space Terror 1) and Chuckies Goo A - 1 1st of 2 seeds. If any one is interested in the genetics please ask. I will update every 1-2 weeks. Bon Voyage girls! :woman_farmer:t4:


I can’t wait to see them grow hehe