Combining Super soil and Coco Loco

I have a bag of coco loco and one of super soil/living soil. I had read somewhere about combining them or layering them. Now I need to pot a seedling and am not sure how to mix these. Previously I have been using organic composted soil. Think I need a better medium.Recommendations?


I can’t give specific recommendations on Super Soil and Coco Loco. But I do want to mention that Coco Loco isn’t pure Coco Coir. It’s approximately 50-60% Coco mixed with soil. I use a 50/50 mixture of FF OF and FF Coco Loco, generally it allows me to veg 4-6 weeks without nutrients. Just curious what made you think about mixing them.

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Welcome! If it’s your first grow, I would go with one or the other, that way you have a better idea of how much of what is still in the medium overtime. FF mediums are already pretty loaded. Just a suggestion, though, I’m positive there are growers here that can give some good mixtures for you. Good luck and happy growing!!!

Just saw the previously used organics

Still kinda thinking one or the other. Organics work best with organics.

I have heard great things about ocean forest. I was reading one night and they were recommending the Super soil and Coco Loco combination. Of course now I can’t find the article. I recall it was improved water drainage from Coco and nutrients from soil. I am a good gardener but a baby still with Cannabis.

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Not my first grow–my third. So I am thinking maybe to use super soil and my regular organic one. And figure out how to use the Coco Loco for something.