Combine HPS with CFL?

A question from a fellow grower:

  1. Can i mix my 400w HPS lights and 2pcs 100 w cfl light during veg and flowering stage?
  2. Can they grow on 400w HPS light alone?

I think will be OK. You need 35w to 50w real watts per square foot. So everything is dependent on how big is your space and how many plants you have

Depends on space and how many plants.

You can do a grow with 400W HPS only- but the more light traditionally means more yield.

Also doesn’t hurt to have additional lighting even if it’s CFL.

People use hps from start to finish, you usually just end up with more stalk between nodes. If I were to add CFL to an hps I would look for something in the 4000k-6500k range. The extra blue in the colder white cfl’s should mix well with the reds produced from the hps.

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