Coltfires first journal

these will be stage one plants, we have 2x gsc, 1x tikale , 1x chocolopez , 1x purple moby dick , 1x pineapple express ,1x afgan ,2x skunk, still waiting for grapefruit to show herself, and a couple more skunk & afgan to pop, this is all for outdoor grow, they go in the ground September 2nd, farhers day here. Well jump on board and watch my grow.


I’m in! You have a couple of my favorites, there. I’m boning up, considering an outdoor grow in the future.


Set to watching my friend, best of luck to you

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Lawn chair out, cooler of beer beside me, ready for the show

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:eyes: hope you dont mind me as well. Ill be by the beer :joy: hope everyone drinks coronas. If not i dont mind anyway

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You won’t know much after a couple of Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel’s


I’m in if you don’t mind me lurking in the shadows

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I will tag along as well if you dont mind!

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So excited for your journal!!
You’ve always been around since I’ve been here, and can’t wait for the inevitable awesome grow

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Well, that’s it well and truly jinxed now! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tagging along too, I’ve got Terrapin in the cooler.

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hulu Uploading… all in the ground, lost one, but have green crack,ak47 and LSD25 all turning up by monday , so a couple more going in, green crack is auto.
@NavyVet420 @bigbannafeet @Nug-bug @Drillbit, @Sirsmokes @PurpNGold74 @daz @Willd @elheffe702 @Mrcrabs.


@Coltfire, are those feed pellets? No nutes needed as babies, you might burn them up before they even get really started. I would recommend removing them.

No they are snail and slug pellets ,they can eat them instead of my girls, thanks for the concern .
30 years plus growing, and still learning things i didnt know, from this site.


I know that they are young but looks like you are having a ph issue, at least in the pictures they look yellowish did you do a slurry test on your soil?

How is stage 1 plants doing?

It is just the pics,stage one doing well, stage two goes in next week, and looking forward to smoking the green crack, after reading some ppls post on it.

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Those cotyledons are shrinking n shriveling. Month old right? Are all of them drying up? Only see one set in the bottom pic.

Yes all the rest have dried up.

Do you have a nute line you plan on using? A light dosage should boost em off. Like @Sirsmokes said they do appear (u said it just the photo) a bit light. Nitrogen will have them that lovely green shade