Colors on plants

When do y’all usually start seeing colors in your pants? What week of flower?

5-8 (depending on strain and photo/auto)

I got photos 3 white widow and 3 blue berry they’re right at 5 weeks of flower and I’ve been lowering my temps from 75 to 65 at night to try and help

The temperature stress, may or may not pull out the colors in your plant. 80-85% of the time it will (depending on strain). The other percentage is filled with damage to the plant (a high sativa strain will sometimes take stress damage to temperature swings; not always), may increase thc productivity to extremes ( lsd loves a good temperature swing towards late-mid to late flowering for color/potency but will decrease yield), or may do nothing to it.

(Only photos) If anything, trim some of the higher fan leaves/mid level fan leaves. The ones hiding some of those lower buds that would fatten up/become more dense if provided more light or taking up energy that could go to buds.

Your grow looks great, looks healthy. Keep up the good work, and happy cultivating.

I still haven’t grown any crazy colored plants with purple or orange buds just green. But I did get my fan leafs to turn purple this go around by dropping temps to 62-63 at night and not phing my flush water which has been around 8ph

I’m growing purple punch and I’m in my 3rd week of flowering 3days from fourth

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Sorry pebble punch

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This is my first grow so I’m not much help yet

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Yeah but i can definitely see some color in them