Colors of leaves and texture questions


so I have taken everyone’s advice and I’ve held back on my watering. I went out of town for almost 3 full days. they went the whole time with no water. one of my girls looks great and the others lower leaves are looking funny. I don’t know why this is and be for I water I wanted to get some feed back on what it is or what I should do. the soil is very dry right now and I mean very dry. here’s a pic ease let me know asap. thank u everyone for ur help


@bgnrww On the lower leaves that’s normal you’re just dying off the soil makes contact with them and they start doing funny things if the rest of the plant looks good you’re good


ok cool thank you. also I lifted the pot off it’s tray and there was some water on the tray. does this mean it has enough water after almost three day or should I water here is a pic of the top leaves


Most people stick their finger in the soil. If it feels dry, then water.
You can also lift the pot. If it feels light, water.