Colors in the buds

What causes different colors in the buds. I’ve been told cold temperatures and I’ve also been told by somebody to not feed my plant during the flower. He claims that it will cannibalize itself and make beautiful colors in the buds. I’ve never heard that before. But as of now I’m not seeing any colors but Green in my Northern Lights Autoflower


Some strains produce more coloration that others. Cold can indeed bring out those colors.

It will, but I wouldn’t suggest not feeding a plant that is ripening flower. A properly fed plant will improve both quantity and quality.


I guess if you don’t feed it, it will turn from green to brown, if that’s a beautiful color…
I like to think of it like trees, in the fall…


ill say my plants didnt really start acquiring a good color to the buds till end of week 6 early week 7 in flower, but definitely need to eat or they could have lots of deficiencies, and i believe the quality of the bud could be affected negatively