Colored lenses over bright white led light?

I noticed Home Depot is selling LED flood lights with blue and red plastic lenses one can fit over the bulb. Are colored lenses a good idea and/or are they effective given ample lumens? Chip

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I for one will stick with HPS lighting…
To me the plastic covers there just not the real thing.


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Stick to hps unless your willing to spend $1000+ on LEDs

I’m not sure if the colored lense will actually change the spectrum of light thrown off will it?

Short answer-No. Putting a coloured lense over a white light stops all colours passing through except the colour of the lense. So putting a red lense over a white light will stop all light BUT the red light so it now appears red due to the vacancy of the other colours. So putting a coloured lense over wont add any more of a particular wave length just less of all the others.


Thanks Mike

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