Colorblind and need help looking at Trichomes


It didn’t occur to me that my colorblindness would effect my growing until now that I am trying to look at trichomes to determine when to harvest.

I have a very difficult time seeing if the trichomes are clear or milky or even amber. I have a few different autoflowering strains: Northern Lights, CBD Critical Mass, Bluedream, and Bruce Banner. Some of my plants are at slightly different stages but I have included a lot of pictures.

Thank you in advance for the assist!

From what I can tell you have a bunch of cloudy trics no amber so far id say a other 2 weeks easy especially with the amount of white pistils that are still present as well do you have a jewelers loupe are something to get a close shot of them?

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Agree with the above on all counts

I can get a pretty good shot with my phone (its much easier to zoom in on my phone) and I have a magnifying glass that has ×20 magnification.

So there are three things that you can go by before you decide to harvest.
Age of the plant or length of the flowering time. 10-12 weeks for autos is average
Condition of the pistils…Mostly browned and withered…80% or more
And trichome appearance…milky and some amber

Just looking at the pistils you have a ways to go. Maybe a month or more on some.
Unless you can get someone to look at them for you perhaps go by age and pistils.
I am not sure being colorblind would prohibit you from seeing the difference between cloudy and milky.
You do need to magnify them at around 60x to see them clearly.
However I’m not colorblind so forgive me for not understanding.


It would be easier to look at them if the blurple light was off. Try and look at them in natural lighting