Colorado Grows Hit Hard

Can we all just send some good vibes to Colorado! Last year was devastating with early freeze around Pueblo. This year even earlier. It is sickening and why I have opted to not grow outside as we are just a little south of CO. We had our first freeze this week, too. Last year during that early freeze our temps dropped 68 deg overnight from 76 to 8 deg F. These guys put all they have into these grows and my husband and I have certainly been blessed to buy in Trinidad for last several years. I can only imagine the heart break, having grown up on a cotton farm knowing how the weather would predict what we would get wear for the next year if the crop made it or not. (High water jeans were devastating to a teenager when we couldn’t afford new ones due to not crop income.)


That’s sickening to look at.I pray for those farmers and their families.