Color on leaves?

I have a yellow ish color coming on on one leave in my girl and I’m not sure what it is it what I should do about it before it takes over my baby. Here is a picture of it and it’s only this one leaf so far that I can tell.

maybe it’s from my CFL light falling on her the other day when we was out to the store and had to of been on her for at least a half hour or so. So so I just pluck it off or leave it? @Nug-bug @bruinsfan33 @Hogmaster @bob31



Yeah looks like some slight burn. Could be from the light falling.

I would leave it. If it is a dead leaf then it will yellow and fall off on its own. Nothing to be concerned about imo.


leave it and watch it


Okay thanks very much for that info I feel a ton better about this. I just
didn’t want anything to happen to her being this far in already lol


Check underneath just to make sure there’s no bug eating on it.


Yeah if you had a light fall on it it’s just a little burn it’s not gonna hurt anything by the time it’s all said and done you’re going to have leave shriveled up using the energy out of them and putting them into the bud so you should be fine


Yeah I’m all good on the bugs I check the leaves often and never seen anything. I just think my light burned her a little when it fell on her when I was at the store the other day.

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Thank you very much @Hogmaster my friend that makes me feel better.

Thanks alot brother I appreciate it!