Color loss is this normal

Oh wow! At least the smoke was good quality! I had some white widow auto flower and they were amazing looking and the smell was awesome but I don’t think They dried and cured properly because they really got dark and the Bud had a weird smell ! Kind of reminded me of hand soap in a doctors office :man_shrugging:t2: After that There was some feminized sour diesel and they grew awesome and cured pretty damn good! Nice light green color , frosty! Can’t wait to see how the blueberries and Bruce banner turn out.

The last auto’s I grew GSC extreme I’m thinking took between 12 to14 weeks to finish.

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If I had wait to 14 weeks on the first she’d have been much better. My second, if I had waited 2 more weeks, would have had me floored.


Yes I agree , I have took one plant before a little early to my room for The other 3 to finish strong.

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