Color looks funny, is something off?

Is this a problem? The larger leaves look like they’re speckled with white, or dried out?

That looks like powdery mildew. If it is, a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water should help clear it up. I’ve seen ratios of 1 teaspoon per gallon of water used but I think some folks have used a stronger mix. Best to let those who have had to deal with this chime in.

On a related note, is the humidity in your grow area high? Is air flow sufficient?

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That does look like powdery mildew. Use a solution of water and peroxide 3%. One cup H202 to 5 gallons of water.

Let’s try to pin down what’s going on first. It does NOT look like mildew to me. If you would fill this out and be as complete as possible, including in detail your watering practices…

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  • Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?
  • System type?
  • PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?
  • What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Light system, size?
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  • Strain; Haze XL, femanized, autoflowering
  • Soil in pots: Organic potting soil in 5 gallon pot, germinated right in large pot. Forgot details on the soil but i believe it was close to 8:4:4
  • System type; Indoor grow tent 24x24x48
  • PH of runoff or solution in reservoir: No accurate reading yet, check out my latest RapidTest picture below.
  • What is strength of nutrient mix? I have not fed nutrients yet, both because its only about 13 days old, and i’m having trouble getting an accurate pH sample reading.
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor, basement
  • Light system: 300w LED 164 actual
  • Temps; I keep a digital meter in the tent. My temp stays 70-80 degrees F with a humidity ranging 50-65%
  • Ventilation system; I leave the mesh screens open and have one iPower 4 inch 100 CFM booster, set as an intake.
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: Neither, relative humidity range seems ok
  • Co2; Not measuring

Watering: i’m spraying the area around the plant with a spray bottle lightly, usually every morning and with tap water which is from a well on my property. The pot is so big and the plant so small, a few sprays of water a day seems to easily disperse out. Digging down a few inches the soil feels neither dry nor drenched.

As i mentioned i’m having trouble reading pH. I’ve gone through two probes off amazon, both did absolute sh#t not measuring pH,moisture OR light as advertised. Using RapidTest now and it looks like i’m close to 6.0, but the color still looks strange, like the test isn’t working properly? But i’m now on my 2nd pack of these, buying one from a different store this time thinking the first was old as it had NO color change even when testing my tap water.

Also, i sprayed the plant itself with water the other day. Could something like this be a result of getting the leaves wet while under such direct lighting?

pH result- looks like the test isn’t working or i’m close to 6.0?

View inside the tent- I would be skeptical of mildew since the basement is relatively clean, tent is spotless and the only moisture is in the soil.

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Do you have hard water? Do your glasses look like this out of the dishwasher sometimes? Could this just be minerals and not something drastic? Does it brush off?


You need a good ph tester. Your ph may be too low. 6.5 is sells a good one Aperea (spelling may be wrong) & it wont break you.

If its well water i can grantee its hard
but I actually use my well water before my water softener so i can get the extra trace minerals :wink:
And because the extra salt from softener is not good
Hard water doesnt mean bad but its best to have it tested so you know what your putting into the plants
i do triple filter my water first to get the heavy stuff out :wink:
Does it wipe of when touched @SuperFlair ?
Do you have a fan for circulation in tent ?
Cleanliness doesn’t have much yo do with wpm
Humidity does what the humidity in your basement i need to run teo dehumidifiers to maintain mine in exceptable range
A slurry test would give you the ph answer also a digital meter is best for our needs The drops are not reliable and leave to much to interpretation

If you are spraying with a spray bottle and your lights are on it could be lensing causing specs, also if you have anything in the bottle besides nutes, like a foliar feed or aNY thing it may be dried nutes, really hard to tell but if it is powdery mildew it will rub off

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I tried wiping the leaes with a Q-tip, it seems to partially come off but not fully. I checked the pH pen mentioned in here but i see it for like $150, am i looking at the wrong one? Apart from the color on the leaves it seems fine, it’s growing REALLY fast. If you look at the picture above and compare it to the one below, it’s only been a day and a half. So it seems to be healthy apart from the mystery whiteness.?


This one that @Whodat66 pist will serve you well
I have a couple expensive meters but you dont need them
A cheap tds meter would help as well

Check underneath the leaves as well just to be sure its not a bug issue

As a preventative messure a peroxide spray wouldn’t hurt

You have good air flow in tent right

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Not sure i guess, define good? Just my intake fan i mentioned up above, and i keep the lower screens open for passive exhaust. It looks like new leafs/growth start out nice and green, then develop this white haze. Looks like a powder almost but doesn’t whipe off.

I had to use a magnifying glass to check my leaves, especially under them. I had spider mites on my outdoor plant that i couldn’t really see…and accidentally brought them indoors not knowing. Of course my eyes aren’t the greatest, glaucoma and all :grin: not saying I think it’s spider mites but my point is, some bugs are tiny and I’ve learned to check periodically, even indoors. I looked through my phone camera zoomed in and that’s the only way I can see them. Hope it’s something simple and easy. Your in good hands with these kind folks here. Happy growing :v::green_heart:



update: pH doesn’t seem to be the problem, it’s just a tad low, about 6.3 which I doubt would be the cause for this whiteness problem? Also it does NOT seem to be white powdery mildew since it neither whipes off OR responds to baking soda or apple cider vinegar treatments… My only lead is that my tap water may be the problem since it gets funny pH results and the filtered water from my fridge gets a clear 7.0. So i’m desperate for help now, what in my tap water could be causing this whiteness, it’s getting worse and i really don’t want to lose the plant! HELP HELP!

Also, part of the problem was probably air flow since i had my fans chained into my lights not knowing any better. So my fans were off during dark periods. Changed that this morning

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I’m not sure what the issue is. Your plants don’t look bad but If you have ruled out PH then…

Unfortunately the purple tint in the pictures from my LED light is kind of masking the appearnce of the leaves. It’s very noticeable in person and definitely increasing, it’s far from looking “healthy green” and any new sprouts that start green take on the white residue look within 24 hours.

Your new growth looks fine. The first set of leaves are affected. I would not be sweating it yet.

Since taking that picture the new growth has taken on the white residue as well :confused: and the leaves don’t feel healthy. Almost stiff

Looks like a bug issue to me. Spider mites to b exact. This is spider mite damage

They spread quickly and will kill your plants. U need a scope and look on the underside of the leaves.

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