Color differentiation - same seeds

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  • Blue Dream from seed
  • Method: Organic soil Fox Farm Happy Frog Soil
  • Outdoor
  • No Light system
  • Temps; Day, Night LA this summer
  • Humidity; Day, Night
  • Ventilation system; No; outdoors

Last year I germinated seeds and tried to start them inside in a window but the seedlings would get leggy and then never survive the transplanting to felt pots outside. I was too neurotic and watched them all the time, overwatered or underwatered them, and none of them ever made it to harvest.

This year I started them outside and the one in the garden is strong and looks great. Please let me know if you have any advice or tips on what to do next. I also started 3 in my patio planter and transplanted 2 to the 45 gallon felt pots about 4 weeks ago.

I haven’t used any nutes at all yet and wondered if anyone has any advice on whether I should introduce some now.

I tested the PH of the soil yesterday and in all containers it’s at 6.0

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Your plants appear healthy. You didn’t say how long they’ve been in that soil, but they look really, really good. If it were me and I really wanted to help them (which we all do), I might start feeding them at 1/4 strength. I use Happy Frog dry amendments and my plants are usually good for the first month (or more). Then I just top dress once a month. I start at half strength and have yet to make any adjustments. The plants seem to do really well.


They look fine.
Plants from same batches of seeds will always look a little different from each other just like your kids look different even when they have the same parents. Its just the nature of cannabis.
Unless you see leaves showing problems theres no worries. A little color difference is normal.


thank you so much. I have the Fox Farm trio of nutrients and may start using them at ½ strength. When you say top dress, what do you mean exactly? I was told to try something called supersoil and worm castings every other water…


Top dressing is where you take dry amendments (I use Happy Frog, Black Kow and bat guano), mix in with the soil at the top of the pot and then water as normal.

This is my go to guy for indoor grows.


I would increase nitrogen a bit, but difficult to say because the ones that are green, may have excess.
Two different plants have different nutrient demands. Some are pickier than others, as well and hungrier.
I give everyone the same, and don’t cater to one plant. I would increase nitrogen if you choose to cater to one plant.
Overall looking good though.

Not only a great grower but his videos are really well done Bill Ward is good to

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Here’s my go to guy on indoor grows.


Matt hasn’t been doing many you videos lately

YouTube has throttled him.

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I used a teaspooon of PH UP per gallon of water when I refilled the reservoir on my patio picker to raise the PH and now it’s too high. What is the best way to reduce the PH now? I flushed the reservoir a little to try to get the PH UP out of there…